Meetup in which DACADE was the hot topic!

Meetup 10
Date: 19 May 2019
Number of Attendees: 13

Key points:

1: Basics of a blockchain
2: Smart Contracts
3: Which Countries in the world are going for becoming a blockchain based nation
4: changing the definition of trust from centralized trust to distributed trust!
5: Aeternity
6: What is æ?
7: Why Æ?
8: Other existing blockchains in the market.
9: Key features of æ.
10: State channels
11: æmbassador programme
12: educational program

This meetup was organised at Delicia Cafe in my city. The people who attended the meetup were of the age group 17-32

Like all other meetups, I started with the basics of Blockchain as always because I feel before anything the audience must get a 10 min introduction of what a blockchain is because you never know who knows about blockchain.

After this was done I spoke about trust and with an example, I tried to change their definitions of trust from centralised trust to distributed trust!

Once done with blockchain and trust I smoothly pounced on to æternity and made them understand that æternity is the best one of the available blockchains in the market.

State channels and oracles were the best and the most loved topic by the attendees and I took a few examples on state channels and people were glad to realise that state channels actually are amazing and I was super glad to clear their doubts as well.

Last but not the least I spoke about dacade and boom!! All the people were amazed and excited to learn about aeternity and blockchain and willingly signed up for the same!

In short, the meetup was productive and all of the attendees learnt something new about a very amazing technology æternity.

All glory to God

And thanks to ætenity


Nice! Keep up the good work, @Aeshish!


Awesome meetup Ashish!! Always glad to see new learners in our ecosystem! I hope they will advance as much as the 101 æternity development course :muscle::computer::fire: