New AEstudio - Editor for Sophia Smart Contracts on the Web

Swoop swoop - it’s time for for good news again !
Some of you noticed it already, but I’ll announce it here anyways:

You can use AE Studio on the Aeternity Mainnet with the Superhero Wallet now !

  • How ?
    As promised ever since, things are very simple again:
  1. Install Superhero Wallet if you don’t have it (a plugin link is shown for your respective browser)
  2. Open AE Studio, it detects the wallet automatically.
  3. Flip the switch to mainnet - you’re done ! AE Studio does the work from here on.
  • Why is that important?
    It’s the easiest and safest way to deploy and interact with contracts on the mainnet. You can deploy a token, for example, without any technical knowledge. Need a proof ?

Situation then: Create a (node)js project, read through documentations, carefully put together a script with the SDK of your choice, pass it the right config parameters, paste your contract and private keys, make sure they don’t leak into some commit, run everything and hope you didn’t make any mistakes of which there will be plenty all the time.

Situation now: Copy-Paste a token contract, enter your parameters into the UI(!) of AE studio (max total amount, etc…), click deploy and use your funds safely stored in Superhero Wallet to pay for the transaction.

You don’t have to be a nerd no more to use the mainnet guys, no excuse not to build on AE anymore now :wink: ! Thank s a lot for the great advice/support @philipp.chain and @milenradkov.chain, and thanks to the community for the awesome feedback we got for this and AE Studio in general during the last Superhero League:

cc @yani.chain where should we put it by the way, ? :slight_smile: So proud to be building this, this feedback is really rewarding ! :partying_face::grinning:


Hello @nikitafuchs.chain, the migrate from FireEditor to AEstuido alongside the recent update is really awesome. There seems to be an issue while connecting to GitHub on I guess the callback URL is wrong or something.


Hey, thanks for pointing out, I will fix it tomorrow !


It’s fixed !


Fantastic job Nikita!