New Visual Studio Code extension published for Sophia

New Microsoft Visual Studio Code extension for Sophia available now

The new VS Code extension is up-to-date with all new language features as well as syntax highlighting. Syntax highlighting in the new extension fixes inconsistencies found in previous extensions and adds highlighting for more Sophia features such as:

  • Namespace qualifiers
  • Type variables
  • Hole expressions
  • Wildcards

The new extension is published directly by the Aeternity Foundation. It replaces two previous extensions that were no longer maintained.

Having an official extension makes it easier to add new features and to fix issues. Users can expect the next update to include Language Server Protocol support. It’s important for developers to start using this extension so that they can benefit from these updates as soon as they are deployed.

The new extension is accessible via the Visual Studio Code Marketplace here: Aeternity Sophia - Visual Studio Marketplace
GitHub repo can be found here: GitHub - aeternity/aesophia-vscode: Sophia Support for Visual Studio Code

Many thanks to @ghallakaeternity.chain for all his hard work on this.


Nice to see that this is getting better and better. Already likedthe usability,but improvements always welcome

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It’s great to see ongoing improvements! While I already appreciated the usability, it’s fantastic to witness further enhancements. Keep up the good work!

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