VS Code Sophia When can it be updated?

When can the plugin be updated? Some of the syntax is outdated or wrong, which can be very misleading for obsessive developers

AE project It has the same problem

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Are you sure you are using the latest version of the plugin? It has been updated ~6months ago:

btw this is about syntax highlighting and completely independent (at least) of aeproject. I am not 100% sure right now how it is integrated in aeStudio (upper screenshot).

are you using v2.1.0 of the plugin in VS code?


Oh, sorry, my version of vscode is not quite right, I updated it, and now there is no problem,AeStudio is really not working, I suggest developers to update it, so as to facilitate online debugging


Indeed aeStudio currently is not up to date. Also, lately v13 of the js sdk has been published.

Updating different tooling is still ongoing. Will also share some info about this with our hackathon participants soon :slight_smile:

When it comes to online editor there are two options:

  • https://contracts.aepps.com (has been updated already and also shows then ACI as output which is important for dApps to communicate with deployed contracts)
  • Another option is to use gitpod where a pre-installed syntax highlighting can be configured. I added this to the aepp-Sophia-examples repository.

Using gitpod you have similar experience to VScode, just in the browser :wink:

If you fork a repository with a gitpod config you need to change then repository data in the link.


  • How should this parameter be filled in?

Hey @Baixin.chain, a hackathon participant recently reported this, too. I opened an issue and @philipp.chain fixed it today. See fix: incorrect deploydata reset by thepiwo · Pull Request #98 · aeternity/aepp-contracts · GitHub

I will let you know if the updated version is deployed :wink:



the fix is now deployed at https://contracts.aepps.com. there is also a link now on the bottom on the page including a version indicator :wink: