[POLL] Inflation curve amendment or decentralized BRI - what would be more beneficial for Aeternity?

I would like to know what do you think would be more beneficial:

  • Lower mining reward (lower inflation)
  • centralized BRI with more funds (> 11% of mining rewards)
  • decentralized BRI with no changes to funds it receives (~11% of mining rewards)
  • decentralized BRI with more funds (> 11% of mining rewards)
  • No changes (current situation is optimal at the moment)

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As you know BRI receives about 11% of mining reward now and these funds are under management of Aeternity Foundation. I would like to know if you think it would be more beneficial to just decrease inflation or rather to increase funds BRI receives and stream that funds to support research and development managed in a decentralized manner inspired by MolochDAO.

  • “Centralized BRI” means that funds are managed by Aeternity Foundation.
  • “Decentralized BRI” means that funds are managed by community.

There are many risks in both of these governance methods and game theory needs to be applied to governance algorithm.

P.S. Unfortunately there is no option for “BRI with less funding (< 11% of mining rewards)” and I can’t change the poll now. Nevertheless the poll can bring some interesting result.

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The plan is to make the BRI decentralized, but we need to generate the know-how on how this can be done.


Of course I agree. The most obvious risk is that the biggest stake holders could drain all the funds as they would have the biggest voting power.

Speaking from my point of view the Foundation listens to the Community as first priority. The application the foundation receives are from within the community and more and more proposals will get discussed publicly and polling on ideas will be part of the next update of the governance app. Input can be given to @piwo who is currently building this. The app will also support delegation which does make sense on highly technical topics for example.

It is a natural process we are going through and I think we are on the right track.

Thank you for being an active community member here!


It will most likely be a mix at the beginning having different bodies of governance. The full automation of BR funds distribution is some time away and research and feedback needs to be gathered. First step is delegated polling.

Don’t forget that miners and pools are also part of the governance aswell as developers (you can vote but they might not implement your wish for example).

It is not a black or white thing and we will have to have lots of human involvement along the process.


Next week we’ll open a thread to discuss community requirements on governance


BRI was originally used for developer support funding. Any new ideas now?
I think the problem now is to give money to people involved in AE development and promotion as soon as possible, instead of thinking about how to deal with community management issues. Everyone has an idea, can the team meet everyone?

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It is still 100% reserved for core development.

It would be good if there is always an option “non of the options”

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For the promotion part, we have this now:


Please spread the news.

I personally would like a combination of the options!

Lower the mining reward to a constant number until we figure out something, that actually works better for security.

For the BRI: If we assume that this is supposed to fund (almost) everything—ignoring who decides how to spend it—, then I think 11% are on the lower end of what I would suggest.

I see merit for the existence of both a foundation and a DAO style funding platform, maybe even for both of them to supplement each other. DAOs are great for voting on individual, discrete tasks but it’s hard, I think, for them to credibly commit to long-term strategies, which should be much easier for a foundation.

I imagine having a legal entity—there are people trying to do that with DAOs but I’m not sure if those are »production ready« yet—is also a nice-to-have in some cases.

And another note, for a healthy ecosystem, the big coin hoarders need to stop free-reeding and start actively funding products, as well. (This would obviously be much easier with a DAO, into which they could pour coins but that’s not a necessity)


Yes, this was somehow the idea at the very beginning. We’ve also had the discussion in telegram that one “seat” in a governance board of the BRI could be the community, a few seeds foundation board - advised by rotating and changing experts.

I agree with nearly everything you write here and i just think we need to get there step by step and also allow us a couple of trial and errors.

11% of mining reward airdrop to ae holder

I opened a thread to discuss the upcoming governance polling system here: Governance Polling System Aepp Introduction

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