Price Speculation


Please post your price, price-action, tinfoil-hat ideas here!


first having a sip of tea
later making the kessel run


follow up to first chart


OK…called the last support level looks like we’re heading beyond 5 bucks.

whenlambo is soooooooon.


striking chart similarities between AE and EOS. I think EOS is a complete sham but price action in AE may end up looking very similar to EOS.


When lambo? When moon?


Looks like that level failed. Probably due to overall market bloodbath.

I’m looking at long term support around 2.20 for more stackin’

To aeternity and beyond!


Aeternity now in prime buying area IMO. Nice area to add to your position.


Piggy backing on last post, market internals looking like a reversal is near.

Take a look at the top coins by marketcap and see AE not even cracking the top 25. This is one of the most bullish tokens out there and honestly one of the most undervalued projects around. STACKIN’ TIME.

Aeternity AE ascending triangle 74% Profit possibility

tumblr_nnyja0cB2t1s2wio8o1_500 AE prepared to make the jump to lightspeed.


Tin Foil Hat Time: Likelihood of Ericsson developing hardware specific to Aeternity (ie Oracle Hardware) > Likelihood of EOS becoming actually decentralized.


Its been 3 weeks since i posted a chart so here a small update:

  • Super bullish, chart looks like its expecting a main-net launch pump
  • Price action double bottomed on an .886 fib level.
  • We see divergence in the MACD and RSI

I think FOMO can easily push this to 17.36 (market cap of $4,045,235,393.92 or the size of ADA)


AE is defending the .886 fib level. This is a bottom in my opinion. As the 50-DMA approaches this fib level (last time the 50-DMA dip below the .886, price shot up 257.65%) could be one of the last moments someone could establish a sizable position with little capital invested.




I don’t think anyone expected this bloodbath.

0.73 new bottom call.


I dont think we’ll get 0.73 but i was pretty damn close with .79.

This may not be over, but i think the selling is exhausting itself. Don’t want to be too conspiratorial but looks as though someone is defending .80.

what is an interesting development is this panic in ETH. AE could be primed to take a vast majority of the investors disheartened by ETH. Especially since porting your project is seemingly seamless.

I hope you have been adding to your position.


It has begun. We’re probably never going to see these prices again.


We’re on our way to $2 USD, then 2.50, then 7, then who knows


Great gains relative to the market, nice to see ae back up to 28th. It should be higher since main net development is going well and will almost certainly launch this year. My end of year prediction is in top 20 and > $2.50. Who knows though these markets are manipulated a lot.