Private aeternity network

I’m preparing a talk for one of the upcoming superhero sessions. It’s about closing the gap between permissioned and public blockchain with aeternity and I need some extra information for that.

On the website there is the following sentence: “Off-chain State Channels transactions and smart contract executions are fully private unless published on-chain. It is trivial to set up a private blockchain network based on the æternity protocol for enterprise or governmental use.”. But I’m not able to find any information/documentation on how to setup such a private blockchain network. Could somebody explain me how to do this?

Also I’m interested to know whether there is an option for such a private network to interact with the public aeternity network or if I could only do something like that on an aepp level.

It is indeed easy to set up a private network which is entirely independent from mainnet. “Just” define your own network ID and launch a set of seed nodes, and define your genesis block. @hanssv.chain Did I miss a step?

Using state channels is a very different use case, take a look at these cool talks by @uwigeroferlang.chain and @dimitar.chain respectively.


No, sounds about right. An initial set of accounts can be put in a JSON-file and be automatically picked up and put into the initial state tree as part of the genesis block.

Thanks for the info! I’ll take a look at the videos and give it a shot to deploy such a network.

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