Private/permissioned blockchain

Hello everyone!

I’m currently in the midsd of writing my thesis which is about the aeternity platform. For this purpose I’m trying to analyze aeternity but came up empty for information regarding private or permissioned blockchains (except for this).

Is there any documentation for these topics available or does somebody have information regarding the implementation of aeternity as permissioned or private blockchain?

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Hi! :slight_smile:

I think there will come updates in that regards with Hyperchains implementation. Currently you cannot run an aeternity network without having to mine blocks. You’d probably want a custom consensus algorithm to be used for your private network.

That said you can - of course - run your own independent network. But it always relies on mining right now as far as I know.

It’s probably better if somebody of the core team answers this. cc @uwigeroferlang.chain @dimitar.chain

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One of the things we’re working on is ‘development mode’, where blocks are produced either automatically, or on-demand. This is mostly implemented already, as much of our CI makes use of it.

For a permissioned blockchain, you’d want to extend that with a validation step, but I imagine that would be doable without too much effort.

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Hey! Thank you both for your answers.

Is it correct then to say that Hyperchains are essentially the tool by which an aeternity user can launch their own private blockchain?

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Hi @hld0 , you can read more about Hyperchains here in the first version of the whitepaper and in the forum in general :slight_smile: