Python SDK v7.0.0

Python SDK 7.0.0 is out, the first release of 2020 !

The feature highlights for this release are:

  • add support for source code validation for contracts
  • improved accessibility of transaction properties in TxObject (and in general for the node client)
  • add support for delegate signatures for contracts (this was instrumental to identify a bug in the fate vm #3141)

and of course documentation documentation documentation

On top of that, this release remove support for nodes version < 5.0.0: a cut with the past looking toward the future :wink:

what id did not made it for this release is the ability to sign arbitrary data via command line (
see Issue #261 and the related forum post), although the feature is implemented and documented (see relative PR #262) there is not yet a final consensus about what the prefix should be and therefore will be left out from this release and hopefully included into the next one.

Another planned feature that didn’t make the release is the support for the aesophia_cli compiler (#282).
In this case the feature was considered not a priority and therefore was moved back to the backlog.

As usual you can find the python sdk here:


Especially thank you for this beautiful piece of docs.