ReCheck certificate - digital proofs about all interactions with data

We mentioned in a previous post that our service My ReCheck is live in private beta. We just wanted to share with you the first version of ReCheck’s certificates about transactions with data on the Aeternity test net. In the following weeks we will announce our stable release of the service where the transactions will be recorded on the Aeternity main net.

In ReCheck’s online service every interaction of the user with files - like uploading, opening (decrypting), sharing and signing - will leave trails on blockchain. Then those records are exported and written in a certificate for the file.

The records usually consists of:

  • Identities of sender and recipient.
  • Type of the action.
  • Fingerprint of the file.
  • Trailhash that is the unique id for the transaction, computed based on the parameters and participants in it.
  • Timestamp.
  • Link to the aethernity block explorer.

As you can see it is still in an early stage and rough. We want to ask for your opinion so that we can improve the certificate and make it easier to understand and use.

How can it get better for you, so that you can communicate the information better with your business partner or some interested party?

How do you envision the usage of this certificate for you?

Any comments and feedback will be appreciated.