Request for more demos, showcases and examples in all SDKs


in today’s researchers and developers update call examples and documentation was mentioned once again.

I’d like to see way more living examples and demo applications for aeternity features supported by any of the SDKs. Similar to this one Smart Oracle - Small Elixir showcase application, built on top of aeternity blockchain.

I’ve heard that @nikita-fuchs is working on some sort of “automated test examples for SDK functions” and i know that @daniela.ivanova and her team wrote the above article and build the demo app.

I would like to see more Python examples from @noandrea and more JS examples like the Trivia app from @nduchak which can be found here and which is live on

Thank you!


we will soon publish some showcases for the java sdk :slight_smile:

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I am sure that will boost adoption. Thank you for that!

Maybe it makes sense to also work together with and @moritzfelipe


I have to look into dacade again.

haven’t used it for the last months. maybe this makes sense. we will see. in future I will probably also run some virtual meetups to cover some topics around aeternity, sophia and our java sdk


Now that Lima is here it seems that things will slow down a little and showcasing the uses makes a lot of sense


Here an showcase with a spring-application that makes use of our java-sdk to claim ÆNS names:

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