Smart Oracle - Small Elixir showcase application, built on top of aeternity blockchain.

Introducing Smart Oracle - an Elixir SDK showcase application, built on top of aeternity blockchain, by using Aeternity Elixir SDK
This small showcase project was built within 2 days of Elixir SDK hackathon.
Hackathon, in which Elixir SDK team, for 2 days, we had to implement small Elixir projects which will be usecases of our SDK and also “field-testing” our SDK, also they could be used as some sort of examples to our aeternity dev community.

Smart Oracle is a console application, made to automate the oracle job.

The user will be able to load any account(which, in case if it’s not an oracle yet, will be registered as so) or even existing oracle in it. The following step is, that our oracle will cycle requests to a node and will list all queries made to it, process them(for instance, we decided to implement the communication to Binance API, getting price ratio for given cryptocurrencies) and if the query is in right format(for instance, “BTCLTC”), the oracle will try to get the information from the provider and if it succeeds, will respond to the query.

This small and simple application shows us the usecase of our Elixir SDK and also lets developers know more on how to make a bridge between our oracles and some out-of-blockchain data providers.


Hello everyone, the video demonstrating our Smart Oracle project:


Thank you @Arthur, a video is always useful for demonstrating how an aepp works :blush:


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Thank you, i hope this gets picked up by some in the elixir community and makes them interested in trying out the sdk!

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