Restore lost AE

I’ve invested in the AE project a few years ago at the very beginning, even got the AE Ledger nano S.
I now want to move some coins and i’ve met a problem, I cant find it on any exchange or DEX.
I still hold them on my Ledger nano, but i am clueless of what should I do?

I understand that there was some kind of fork or limited date(2nd Sep.) where we could move our coins but is that the case? the coins are gone?
I offer 1k USD to whoever can help me restore my coins, can contact me here or on Telegram @Metho3xate

Thank you!

Your coins are still here.

aeternity recently experienced a 51% double spend on several exchanges, so we’re currently working on getting the official chain back to being the longest one (developers are speaking with pools, miners are mining on the official chain, a few of us rent hashing power to help out). It should be back in a couple of days, you can deposit your ae to exchanges then.

Do you already have your coins in ae native blockchain or they are still ERC20 tokens in ETH?

disclaimer: not interested in the 1k but in supporting a community member


Im not sure, I never touched the coins or did anything with them since the ICO…
What should i do ?

Hi!! it seems that your coins are still ERC 20, which become untransferrable by Sept 2nd 2019, almos one year after ae mainet was live. no worries however, following this tutorial you will be able to transfer your ERC20 to ae mainet and have your native ae coins. The migration site depicted in the tutorial is currently being fixed, I will ping here once it is back again and the process can be completed.

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Thanks a lot my friend!
Any idea when will the website be fixed?
I recall its been a while its not working…