Serve æternity, locate Yichun City, China

Hello everyone, I am Berg, from China. Today I want to join the æternity ambassador program.
On June 23, 2019, I organized a downline event for some members of the AE China community in Yiwu, China.
On July 13, 2019, I once again organized an offline event for some members of the AE China community, this time in Yichun, China.
Everyone discussed the issues related to the æternity state channel and the oracle, and we are full of hope and expectation for our future development.

At the same time, five WeChat groups of more than 100 people were formed.
In China, the most popular chat software is WeChat.

I believe that through our constant publicity, more and more people will understand, join and spread AE.

Mike is the leader of our Chinese community. He is a responsible and serious person.



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Well done. Education is the most important
Greetings from Venezuela

@Berg16 wow what a great meetup, nice size and presentation and discussion. You da man Berg! I often wonder what is going on in the chinese community

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thank you! welcom to china

Thank you for your attention. I will share it with you for the activities that the community does.

This is wonderful. Thank you for doing all this, brother.

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Thank you, my brother! Thank you for your help.I can’t reply and leave a message without your help.Can’t share these happiness for everyone! Thanks again!

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