[Solved] Aeternity erc-20 migration is failed

I migrated my aeternity ERC-20 5,249 tokens on https://migrate.aeternity.com/
However, migration is succeeded 0 AE. (not 5,249AE)

So, I tried this process by changing another AE address again but it says
“The balance has already been migrated in th_2j7RLGcTPeAWVBVvVSN6QBXWKjTCyYJuaWE3TzYherwuELqMCy”

How can I migrate my AE ERC-20 tokens? Please Help me

You can only migrate your tokens once, and as far as I can see you have already migrated the tokens to account ak_29BW53CDG51zfv5kYuPzN5LJzU4YSb78gwvcm5FxtkiCT5tQTs in transaction th_2j7RLGcTPeAWVBVvVSN6QBXWKjTCyYJuaWE3TzYherwuELqMCy

The balance of the account that the tokens were migrated to is roughly 5249.5 AE so it looks correct.