Stack Overflow aeternity-blockchain tag use

How to make good use of Stack Overflow

Since some weeks we have our own tag on Stackoverflow, this means we can ask but also look to answer questions that are specific to aeternity blockchain helping more community members and also expose it to other communities.

How to make questions on Stack Overflow?

SO has the most advanced , reliable and error proof reputation system. It’s mainly the same engine that we walked through with Stackexchange but with a huge community also veiling for content quality and meeting the rules.

That said it’s highly important that we follow certain rules, but also for our own sake that those questions are easy to understand to anybody who reads it.

  1. You are asking for help from developers but still a general subjects portal. Put yourself in the reader’s position. Explain that you are working with aeternity blockchain, and detail as much as possible so the responder can reproduce or fully understand what is happening to you.
  2. Don’t be general like “ I have a problem with Javascript SDK “ those kinds of questions are impossible to answer and end up closed by the community.
  3. If you tried something already, or there is any scenario or context, share it.
  4. Be respectful
  5. Think that your question will help other people with your same issue and it’s great to help!
  6. Revisit your question and improve it
  7. Tag it with our aeternity-blockchain tag

How to answer questions on Stackoverflow?

You may find the answer to your question or you just want to help people working on aeternity. This is pretty easy to do thanks to the tag.

  1. Filter questions by our tag aeternity-blockchain

  1. Choose your question to answer
  2. Make your answer easy to understand and to use . People can vote on the answer and the question owner can select your answer and the correct one. This will give you reputation points as well as negative votes will deduct some points :slight_smile:
  3. Ask for more information if needed. This can be done inside the question as comments
  4. Be respectful even if the question is silly or super basic for you. People has the right to learn and ask for help.

By the way, here you can find all the questions with our tag (feel free to vote or answer them)