The framework of the AE-based decentralized SNS is almost done

The framework of the Aeternity based decentralized SNS is almost done, feedbacks are eagerly needed.

Please leave any suggestions, feedbacks or ideas about the framework.(There are still so many programming bugs, please ignore them, just focus on the framework, the structure side :joy:)

The full video online:

For Chinese users:
Open Code: d666

The attachment is the video, which was splited to 3 parts, because of the upload file size limit of the forum.

Files and Messages(like email) channel haven’t been done yet, because that the technology they use is the same as the former Chaet and Haeme.

The Navigation part might be outside links.

Everything of the framework could be changed, please feel free to give your precious feedback.

With your feedbacks, the little project might be born with more wise :smiley:



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Wow, it’s amazing. Every image is an unprecedented shock in the blockchain world. Do you have relevant documents. I want to know more.TKS


Thanks for your attention~it’s still in heavy coding and there is no document yet :joy:

But you could ask any question, I’ll answer as much as I can.

really cool! @LiuYang.chain what software stack are you using to build this?

will you publish the code on github?


Thanks~the code is really in a mess now :joy:

I’ll clean and publish the code to github before 8 May.

The backend is built with AE Golang SDK, IPFS and Hugo:

  • The value exchange and account system rely on Aeternity.
  • The simple content generating is based on Hugo.
  • The data exchange is based on IPFS.

Since they are all written in Golang, it’s easy to build them together.

The UI is similar with


cool stuff! :slight_smile:

may I ask you what the password is for and how the private keys are stored/secured?

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Thanks~The keystore is generated by Golang SDK and stored in user’s computer locally.

Each user’s node acts as server and client at the same time, because the data exchange is based on IPFS.