Token Migration Phase 0 - Support and FAQ

Hello everyone!

We created this topic to provide support to anyone who is migrating their AE tokens to the æternity Mainnet in Phase 0. Please post all questions you may have here and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

We prepared video guides to help you through the process of migration. Access them all in this YouTube playlist.


General FAQ

  • Why should I migrate my tokens before Mainnet launch (Phase 0)?

After Mainnet Launch (Phase 0), all consecutive phases will require a hard fork in order for migrated AE tokens to become available on the Mainnet. All hard forks are subject to the willingness of miners and users to update their node software in order to follow the updated rules of the æternity network. The æternity Establishment and Foundation will support the forks, but it is up to the miner and user communities to determine if a fork will be successful or not. In addition to recently migrated AE tokens, the scheduled hard forks will also include protocol improvements which introduce new functionalities, features and optimizations.

Here is the predicted AE token migration schedule:

  1. End of Phase 0 (pre-Mainnet): November 25, 2018
  2. End of Phase 1: February 2019
  3. End of Phase 2: May 2019
  4. End of Phase 3: After 2 September, 2019 (Ethereum AE tokens become non-transferable)

Users will still be able to migrate their AE tokens after the end of Phase 3 as long as they don’t use a smart contract to manage them. More information to come.

  • How can I create an æternity account where my migrated AE tokens will be stored in Phase 0 (pre-Mainnet launch)?

The most secure option is AirGap Vault (Version 1.3.0 is recommended). It requires Android 6.0 and up or iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. AirGap will be integrated in the Base æpp, once that is launched.

Unfortunately, Ledger was unable to add AE support in time, so creating an æternity account with a Ledger hardware wallet will not be possible in Phase 0. Ledger support will be introduced in Phase 1.

  • Where should I store my AE in order to be able to migrate them successfully?

The token migration process includes two options - MetaMask or MyEtherWallet. However, through MyEtherWallet you can use:

  • Ledger
  • Trezor
  • Digital Bitbox
  • Secalot
  • Keystore / JSON File
  • mnemonic phrase / seed
  • private key

If your AE tokens are stored in one of the above forms, please select MEW when you reach the step where you need to select the wallet that stores your AE tokens.

Also, every other Ethereum Web3 browser and wallet is compatible. Note: the process is only optimized for desktop use. The most reliable way to complete this task is by using a modern browser with MetaMask extension or MyEtherWallet in combination with a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S.

  • Where can I check if I have migrated my AE tokens successfully?

Go to this web page and enter your æternity account (wallet address).

  • What if I currently store my AE tokens on an exchange? Can I still migrate them?

If your AE tokens are on an exchange you will have to move them to a wallet. We recommend moving them to a hardware wallet such as Ledger or Trezor, or using AirGap Vault. Alternatively, you can move them to any ETH wallet of which you have the private key, seed or mnemonic phrase.

  • Do I need to have ETH on the address where my AE tokens are in order to migrate them to the Mainnet?

Yes! You need a small amount of ETH on the same address where your AE is in order to pay for gas fees on the Ethereum network. We recommend having at least 5 USD of ETH there. You can check average gas fees before starting the migration here.

  • Are there any other options to create an æternity account apart from to AirGap Vault?

You can create an æternity account with the simple version of the æternity Base æpp. You can also create an account using the SDK (instructions soon). However, it is HIGHLY recommended to use AirGap Vault or a Ledger hardware wallet (when available) for security reasons.

  • Do I have to use a second smartphone (that stays offline) to store my Mainnet AE tokens in AirGap Vault?

You can use AirGap Vault with only one phone. However, it is HIGHLY recommended to use two smart phones for security reasons. The second device will store your private keys and should never connect to the internet after AirGap Vault is downloaded on it. The installation and account creation should happen offline.

  • When will the migrated AE tokens be tradable on exchanges?

We are currently working with a number of exchanges to help them technologically support the Mainnet AE token. We will announce a full list of exchanges that support AE as soon as they are finalized.

  • The AE is now an ERC-20 token on Ethereum. Will AE still be called “AE tokens” after they are migrated to the Mainnet?

Once transferred to the Mainnet, AE tokens will become the native token of æternity’s public blockchain platform. They can be called AE tokens or just AE.

  • Will there be a period in which both AE ERC20 tokens and AE tokens exist simultaneously?

Yes. As long as not all AE tokens have been migrated to the Mainnet, both ERC-20 AE tokens and AE will exist. It is also possible that at some point, ERC-20 AE tokens and AE will be simultaneously tradable on exchanges.

  • What is æternity Mainnet?

The æternity Mainnet is the open, public network where the AE tokens, smart contracts, oracles, state channels, naming system and all other technological features will be available for use. The Mainnet will be improved through scheduled hard forks, which will introduce newly migrated tokens and updated features and increased functionalities.

  • What is the Genesis Block?

The Genesis Block is the first block mined on the æternity Mainnet. It will include all AE tokens migrated before Mainnet launch. It will also include the messages created by users during the first Phase of æternity’s original campaign in 2017. The date and time of the Genesis Block is generally considered to be the official launch of any public blockchain platform.

  • What is a scheduled hard fork?

A hard fork is a permanent divergence from the previous version of the blockchain, and nodes running previous versions will no longer be accepted by the newest version. A hard fork is not backwards compatible. Each of our scheduled hard forks will migrate tokens and add or expand features of the æternity blockchain that can only be implemented via a hard fork such as the governance system or the new virtual machine.

  • When will my AE tokens be on the Mainnet?

AE tokens tokens will not migrated immediately, but in phases. The Genesis Block, the first block of the æternity blockchain, will include all tokens migrated by users during Phase 0 (before Mainnet launch). Each of the subsequent three phases, with a timeframe of around 3 months, will end with a scheduled hard fork of the æternity blockchain. The scheduled hard fork will introduce the migrated tokens in the current Phase to the Mainnet.

  • What happens if I forget to migrate?

You will still be able to migrate your AE tokens as long as you don’t use a smart contract to manage them. More information will follow in time.

Tech FAQ

  • I am getting this error message in MEW, when using a Ledger wallet: “Invalid status 6a80. Check to make sure contract data is on?”

To fix this, you need to enable “contract data” from the menu in the Ethereum Ledger app (on the device), Once you do that, you need to disconnect and re-connect your Ledger device.

  • I am trying to initiate the AE token transfer using MEW. The data field is filled-in, but the amount field displays “0”. Is this a problem?

You don’t have to fill-in the amount field. Leave it as it is - “0”. The amount of tokens that you entered on the token migration web page will be migrated successfully.

  • Are wallets generated with v0.25.0 765f9cc epoch via ./bin/epoch keys_gen SOME-PASSWD safe?

No. Do not use this method for wallet generation.

  • After successful migration I see that AirGap Vault shows “0” AE tokens. Is this normal?

Yes. AirGap will be reading the Mainnet and since oit has not been launched yet, it displays “0” AE tokens as balance. To check if your AE have been migrated successfully, please use this tool.

  • I have sent my AE directly to the token contract (0x5CA9a…). Is this a problem?

Yes! This is something you should never do as mentioned by the numerous warnings. AE tokens that go directly to that contract are effectively burned without being associated with an æternity account (wallet).

If you have sent AE to that contract directly from an exchange, there is no chance to recover it. If you have sent from a wallet that you own - a recovery might be possible (we can not guarantee this!), but it will require signing a message/transaction with the private key of the address that you sent your AE from (keep that safe just in case).

For the time being all AE sent to the AE token contract derectly must be considered lost/irretrievable. Please read the FAQ, watch the video guide(s) and follow the steps on the migration page to transfer your AE successfully! Do NOT assume what the process is.

The AE team


I get this error in MEW: “Invalid status 6a80. Check to make sure contract data is on ?”

Are you using a ledger hardware wallet? If yes, please activate “contract data” inside the ledger menu (Ethereum App)

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@emin.chain yes, that was it. enabling it is not enough, you have to exit and re enter the ledger app. :slight_smile:

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Correct. Thanks! We’ll add this to the FAQ for other users.

Where do we download the smartphone app? (not the airvault)

Hey, I am not sure which app you you mean.

The base aepp, sorry. I found it

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At the moment AirGap Wallet does not reflect the current state after the successful migration, this will probably be shipped with an update soon.

Check your status at if it’s visible there you’re all set.

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Is it ok to use epoch v0.25.0 765f9cc to create an account instead of airgap BS or something will be discarded in final release and render such accounts invalid?

If I test migrate 1 AE and it works successfully with AirGap Vault, can I then do the migration again with the same address to migrate my remaining AE to the same address?

I want to be sure to not make a fatal mistake when sending the bulk of the funds the second time.

@dolo You can domultiple migrations on the same account. Airgap will only show balance once the main net launches or if the app is updated to provide current migrated balance.

We (æternity æpps team) don’t recommend to generate keys with the epoch-node.

We (æternity æpps team) don’t recommend to generate keys with the epoch-node.

Why? Is it subject to change and discard private/public keys generated on latest RC?

Yes, you can use the same address as many times as you want.

It is just not as safe as cold storage.

It’s just inconvenient to buy another smartphone for a wallet. Could you confirm that wallet generated with v0.25.0 765f9cc epoch via ./bin/epoch keys_gen SOME-PASSWD are safe to use for migration and nothing will discard this crypto in the new RCs and release? Would be nice if you can highlight it in the OP.

You can use airgap/airvault in a single phone. The idea of having a separate phone is for security purposes, but you can just as easily use both apps in the same phone.

Edit: fixed a typo

I don’t need an airgap, I need a reference full node wallet, ok? Airgap on a 1 mobile phone is not a god damned cold storage.

Hey are you confident that you sent 1 AE. Was your AE balance reduced by 1 AE? I have reported this to the aepps team and they will investigate tomorrow. Please provide all the info that you can - any errors or issues that you have experienced.