Token Migration Phase 0 - Support and FAQ


The aepps team informed me that they consider this method “unsafe”. Also, you can use an old phone if you have one - Android 6 and above and iOS 10 and above are all OK for AirGap Vault.


Great, after year of development we have 2 full nodes implementations on 2 different languages for the same virtual machine (which is kinda a nonsense and waste of money) but there is no “reliable” wallet on brink of mainnet launch. What does it mean unsafe? Unsafe because generated on a computer or because developers could change the crypto behind it the minute before launch and discard public/private keys and render my tokens burnt?


The team will get back to you. Once Ledger adds AE support, it will enable another secure way of generating accounts. Both AirGap and Ledger will be integrated into the Base aepp.


Just to make it clear, I already generated a wallet using epoch keys gen and managed to migrate 0.01 AE using its public key (aka address) and I see balance on it. All I need to know if I will be able to put these keys from 0.25 on a so called “1.0” version of epoch and spend them after launch?


Really hope that worked, pouring sweat the entire time.


If it worked it should have said it on the page at the very last step. You deleted your previous post so I’m not sure what kind of troubles you went through.


The ETH network is under heavy load today and I think fees are quite high. Have it in mind. We recommend that you have at least 1 USD of ETH for gas fees on the address where you AE tokens are, but this might not be enough currently.


Forwarded the question to the dev team. They will reply asap.


I might be send to wrong wallet during the migration proccess. Thanks for your help and sorry for wasting your times.

I found my mistake I’ve done during the process. I had changed value of ‘amount to send’ form at the MEW link and that was my problem.
I tried second trial and noticed the warning of “Should not be changed!” and finally successed my migration.

Sorry for bother you guys!


A full node wallet is also not safe cold storage because it needs to be online.


No bother at all! You are very welcome.


I have a problem understanding about conception of 3 seperated phase(or hard fork).
What is the difference between migrating before the phase1(or 2) ends and migrating after the phase1(or 2) ends?
If I migrate after phase1(or 2) ends, then does that means my token have missed the hardfork1(or both 1, 2) and be lagged behind(or defective) than one with the migrated ealier?
If I just migrate before Phase3 ends, then can I get all the hardfork(or functional upgrade) I’ve missed before like updating old PC’s O.S.?
Why do I have to migrate before phases end(except phase 0 and 3)?
Sorry for poor English because it’s not my primary language.


Hey Sammy. I have a reply for you. The devs don’t expect change in the key pair generation once 1.0 is launched. Such change will affect the whole migration process. However, the problem with your method is primarily that if you lose your private key, there is no way to recover it, unlike in the case of using the aepps team tools where you have a passphrase. Also, in case something changes, the aepps process should have backwards compatibility, while the node key pair generation will not. I hope that clears things a bit. If not let me know.


Only trouble I had was buy more ETH to send transaction to contract.

Also you can read deleted posts…I failed to read the FAQ like a moron because it answered my redacted post.



一. When will the naming system function?
二.I registered an account at, Then I added a new payment address after logging in. But after logging out of the wallet and logging back in, why is the new address missing? Does it mean that a wallet cannot manage multiple addresses?


Okay, thanks. Very frustrating though, imo must have used bip39 everywhere including epoch.


When will the Ledger app be available?


The “ball” is in the hands of the Ledger team now. We have submitted the required code and information to them a while ago.


I’m also curious about this.


OK, I think I did the migration incorrectly. If I just used MEW and sent the tokens to the contract address, did I mess it up? My tokens are gone and after the fact I realized I did not use the generated contract data on the migration page.