Token Migration Phase 0 - Support and FAQ


First time I did change the value correctly, but the ledger “verify data payload” field by field failed. when i recreated the transaction it seems i skipped the AE part. So, your account and mine both have a 0ae transaction as the first transaction. haahah!


Hi @ae-albena, @Jabz I figured out a solution to my problem and thought I’d post it in case anyone else was experiencing the same error.

During token migration you scan your QR code but the migration platform doesn’t allow you to press “Continue” and says “Not a valid AE Address” just under the address displayed on the screen.

You may have an outdated version of Airgap installed(I installed mine in August when æ first announced Airgap). Simply uninstall Airgap Wallet and vault and reinstall it. You will know you have a bad version from two identifiers:

  1. When choosing your token for the wallet it DOES NOT list the “Aeternity Token” just “Aeternity”(you only need the “Aeternity” one anyways, but I noticed that difference after reinstalling).

  2. Your address doesn’t start with an “ak_”

(For MEW and Ledger users)
As stated multiple times before by ALL of the æternity crew and EVERYWHERE in their instructions for mainnet migration, after you input the amount of tokens you would like to migrate, choose the platform your are migrating your tokens from(MEW or Metamask), and leave the Æ migration platform, DO NOT CHANGE ANY FIELDS IN YOUR WALLET. Just press “generate transaction” and put your hands in your pockets, lol. But seriously, don’t touch anything else.

Also, after reinstalling the “new version”, my wallet and vault were both taking longer than expected to open and would sometimes display an error regarding “connection with the server” and then shut down. This was fixed by restarting my phone again. All good now. Operating an S7 Edge with Android 8/Oreo. Hope this helps someone.


I feel like a broken record but I kept getting misunderstood.

AGAIN, I DID NOT send the transaction directly to the contract address. I followed the official instructions EXACTLY and use the Generated Payload link to send my AE to the AirGap Wallet I had created.


I saw your transaction. it includes only two fields. if you used mew there is a field called data that needs to be left untouched, if you did not touch it it would have the full data of the migration tool. however, your transaction is missing fields. So either you found a bug that no one else has seen in the tool or you didn’t follow the instructions.

Would you be able to do the steps again and check the size of the data field or its contents (create the instruction but do not send it). If you did everything exactly as stated then it would be good to know what messed up then.


Thank you for looking into it closely on my situation. I really appreciate it.

My MEW wallet do not have the AE anymore as the transaction went through. So, I don’t know what I can do to reinvent what I did. I am pretty sure that I didn’t change anything on the data.

I just used the generated Payload via Aeternity & AirGap integration to complete the transaction.


I just want to know how can I get my AE back.


Hey, so apparently you did change the data somehow:


And here is what the payload check comes up with:

So you have effectively sent your AE to token contract directly. Please have a look at the last question/answer in the FAQ at the top.



Hey everyone,

Phase 0 of AE token migration is now over!

Please move all relevant discussions to this thread.



I think you should @cryptoninja so he knows you were replying to him.


I don’t know what to tell you, your transaction is missing 5 fields that the aeternity migration tool must provide. I don’t understand how those 5 fields are missing, even if you create a new transaction with 0 ae you sohuld see the data string should be 448 hexadecimal values (7 fields of 64 hex chars) your transaction only has 128 hexadecimal values (2 fields of 64 hex chars)

This is really odd.


I don’t know what happened. I just followed the process as written in your guideline. I would have remembered if I had changed 5 lines of the data.

In this case, is there any hope I can get my AE back or not?


Thank you @Kryztoval for tagging me.


I have no idea on the technical part of how it works. I just followed the instructions of the official AE Migration Guidelines.

I didn’t change anything but somehow it did. Does it mean that all of my AE is considered burned?

Or is there anyway I can get my AE back?


Because of all the tokens being at the contract address, at the moment those are to be considered lost as of right now.

This happened a few times, so they may revisit this later on, but, as of now, they are more worried about the tokens that were migrated correctly. And it makes sense.

I suggest you put this in the back burner for a bit, let mainnet launch, and wait to see if there is a status change before the next mainnet fork.

I am sorry to say if nothing changes this would mean your AE is under lockdown.


Thank you for responding.
So if my token is under lockdown, would I be able to get it back at some point?


Unfortunately I don’t know. And from what I understood they don’t know if it is gonna be possible but they won’t give up without trying.


I hope they don’t forget about us.


Of course, we won’t :slight_smile: We’ll keep you updated.



Thank you :blush:


I sent my tokens directly to the smart contract.
I feel so bad about this.
i truly hope that your team may be able to help us in the future
Thank you