Token Migration Phase 0 - Support and FAQ


As far as I know, supporting a token is a decision made by the exchange, not the coin/token.

Any exchange that supports the current AE token may decide ti migrate the tokens to coins at some point, according to the exchange plan, not the coin’s plan. They may even decide to do migration on the first fork (phase 1) instead of at launch as to keep the tokens tradeable and to have a shorter time without operations.

But again, this is something the coin/token can’t enforce directly and on which they have no say in.


That is right. But AE choose a harder way.
There are several phase of migration, why exchanges need to know this. They are busy and should just know one comfirmed date, and just do the migration on time. Now the rule is so complicated, exchanges need to investigate and think.

AE should have make the rules simple and foolish.


AE should have make the rules like:
All token should be migrated before XXXX-XX-XX.
if not, the community may consider another migration some day, but this is not guaranteed.


Hi all, I need some support/confirmation.
I followed all the instructions for the ERC20 migration, installed and synced AirGap Vault & Wallet.

The transaction hash of the migration is visible here:

The webpage at the end said “You have completed your part of the migration”, so everything looked good. The only missing thing is that the wallet balance is 0. No AE tokens are shown.
The original amount of AE ERC20 tokens are still in my ETH wallet (which I believe is normal).

Should I worry about something, or take some additional steps?

Thank you for your attention and support.


HI guys, trying to scan Airgap vault address QR code to migrate tokens and website is saying that it is not a valid AE address. I’ve quadrupel-checked the address and also tried entering it manually.Any update on this? I noticed @Jabz was having the same problem. @ae-albena @aeternity-team


Hey @xiahui135,

We decided to split the migration into 4 phases in order to give a chance and a clear guidance to every token holder on how to migrate. If there was only one deadline for token migration, there would have been people left out and we wanted to avoid that.

To answer your previous question, indeed, exchanges decide for themselves whether to support a migration or not. We tried to offer migration options that are as secure as possible.



Hey @fabio2723,

I checked your payload through our verify tool (
and something is not right.
If you still have your AE tokens in your ETH wallet, that is great - you just need to do the transaction again - but this time, please follow our instructions and do not modify any data fields.

When you generate the payload, before selecting MetaMask or MEW, go through this tool again to check if everything is alright.

Keep us updated.


@RogueTycoon @Jabz We are investigating the problem, but I just tried and the website read my QR code without problems.

I will keep you updated,


I had the same problem as well and i have 300 AE missing!!! I hope to get my AE back soon


Hey @ae-albena, I solved everything, thanks! I had done everything right except specifying the amount of token to transfer, so I had successfully migrated 0 tokens :sweat_smile: . I have followed the steps again including the tokens to migrate, and everything went ok. Thanks again for your time and attention.


Oh, that is great news!
Happy I could help :wink:



I am having a trouble. When I enter here: then I click the Start Migration button which takes me to here:

The thing is on the top of the web it says: You’re connected to a Testnet, the tokens that you are about to migrate will NOT be available in the Mainnet

I would like to know if this is ok, if I can transfer my ERC20 tokens. The video explaining how to migrate does not have this note on his web page.

I’m showing a prnt scr:


Hey @reinaldo83,

It seems like you are connected to the ETH Testnet on MetaMask - please check that.
You shouldn’t see this message.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Indeed, that was the reason. I didn’t even have my MetaMask open as I were about to transfer my ERC20 tokens from my Ledger Nano using myetherwallet, so I don’t need to use MetaMask but the problem was indeed that. I had selected a Rinkeby network as I were coding some solidity smart contracts several weeks ago and I had to test them.

Actually, I even created my AE mainnet acc using the AirGap Vault app and I were about to scan my address from my PC to the phone. It was a thing of just a few minutes.

Maybe it’s a good thing to put on the migration alerts, although this is the last day for phase 0, maybe it’s too late to say this as more than 80M tokens already have been transferred.

Thanks one more time.



You’re welcome :slight_smile: We are happy it worked!


@ae-albena @AE-Mark @ae-vlad @aeternity-team

Please provide solutions to my lost 298AE by following the official instructions posted here on using AirGap and MEW.!!! :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

I would really appreciate it and I would love to invest in more money as long as this issue is solved.


I can see you successfully migrated your balance now, good job!

P.S. you and I got the same mistake. Did you intentionally put 0 the first time? or did the data not populate correctly? where you using Ledger for mew ? :open_mouth:


If you had followed the official instructions that clearly state not to send tokens to the contract address this would not have happened.

And from what I am understanding in Ethereum contracts this is really complicated if not impossible.

Rest assure they will try their best to fix it, give them time, I would not expect them to fix it before mainnet release though. :cry:


I have made 2 migrations so far for 2 different “vaults”, meaning two different addresses backed up by two different seeds generated in the same android phone. Everything ok. The check payload section worked well before actually making the ERC20 token transfer and the address verification is also working well, I can see the amount transferred associated with the mainnet AE addresses which I have previously saved the seed it belongs to.

Hope we can see that genesis block very soon and the token can be adopted by all different exchanges quickly.

Looking forward to seeing the price on the moon although that seems to be impossible at the moment according to actual market conditions.

Thank you.


I used MEW indeed. The first time I just didn’t change the value from 0, for some reason I didn’t understand it :sweat_smile: