Token Migration Phase 0 - Support and FAQ


Is my airgap wallet wrong? I can see my balance there with no issues. the faq states it is not gonna be visible until after main net launch.

Second, if anyone wants supervision to do the migration over any desk in view only so you have an extra set of eyes to validate what you are sending feel free to message me privately.

Third, you can try and send a transaction with zero AE. this will show up in the transfer tool and you can send me that TX link in a message. I can tell you if all the field passed properly. if iit did you can then send the total of your ae tokens. :wink:

Perhaps adding those steps to the faq would make sense?

bugs and errata. while I was sending my ae in mew with ledger s it showed me a lot of fields pass the 7 field mark in data. I immediately canceled that instruction and made it again. next time it started in field 8 and canceled it once more. then a third time it started in 1, finished in 7 and all values where correct. I can’t reproduce this bug, but it seemed odd.


Hi @ae-vlad , i did exactly this (i know it was a stupid fuck up) I send my AE amount from my MEW to the Token contract without the Data input in my transaction. Is this a lost case? if so… it was nice being part of AE (as a token holder).


Will i still be part of the genesis block ? :smiley:


Do you work with any exchanges to help them smoothly transition their users’ tokens and switch to trading “AE proper” as soon as the mainnet goes live? Yes, I’ve read about exchanges in the FAQ but it sounds as if you have just started addressing this issue. Will any exchanges go live trading AE at the launch of mainnet or in a reasonable time frame? (days)


Here is what I would suggest you all wanting to migrate do (if doing it with mew):
go to and follow all the instructions up to the last step. Copy the link it generates.

In mew do all the steps up to Generate transaction, DO NOT SEND IT YET

Copy the data field and paste it here:
if Amount to migrate, token call function, contract and mainnet address are all correct. Then proceed to SEND the transaction.

NOTE: You can send a 0 AE transaction and it will show in under your ak_ account. This will validate you did everything correctly. Better safe than sorry.

IF ANYTHING LOOKS WEIRD (data field incomplete, validation does not pass, disconnects, etc.) Please stop and start again.

hope this helps


Hey @Kryztoval,

There is nothing wrong with your AirGap Wallet, it is the AirGap Vault that does not currently display the correct balance.

Thank you so much for offering your support in the token migration process, I really hope there won’t be any more mistakes.



I don’t know if AirVault is supposed to show balance, since it is basically meant to be an offline app, and, as such, should not need to explore the blockchain or even connect. Just communicating over qr codes.

I am not sure, but this makes sense with the philosophy of the app pair.


Yes exactly, but there was a confusion about it in the community - people were expecting to see their balance there :slight_smile:


Unfortunately not :pensive: your tokens are considered burnt.


Will i still be able to prove that i sent those AE tokens? and claim the new mainnet AE tokens?


Those were a big amount of tokens…


No, that is why we specifically said not to send your tokens directly to the token contract.


Hi Vlad,

thank you for updating FAQs.

If you have sent from a wallet that you own - a recovery might be possible (we can not guarantee this!), but it will require signing a message/transaction with the private key of the address that you sent your AE from (keep that safe just in case).

Sorry for bothering you - I am very much aware it has been my fault. Fortunatley I did send my tokens from my private wallet using my private keys - will there be a “How To” to recover the tokens?


@ae-albena Could you or anyone from the team please address my question above? Any indication if AE will be tradeable immediately or shortly after the transition on ANY exchanges?


Hey @mike9999,

Sorry for the delayed reply - we can’t really say when exchanges will start trading the AE Mainnet token. We will provide additional information as soon as it is available.



Hi @crypto.pete i am in the same situation as you are in right now!


I think @ae-vlad said to look at the last piece of the FAQ where AE states that all tokens sent to the contract directly are for the time being considerd unretreavable… let’s hope for the best.


@R.Rabbit @crypto.pete In theory, if you have access to the original account that sent the transaction, you could send a signed message with the extra data needed and that would allow the people managing the contract to verify it was you, indeed, who sent the tokens.

However, even when this is technically possible, that doesn’t mean it is practically possible. The AE team has a lot of things to iron out for AE mainnet launch. I sincerely hope they find a practical way to help you guys out, otherwise your tokens may have been burnt onto oblivion :cry:



AirGap Vault Qr code scanner not working!!!?/


why there is no exchange support migration? It means we can not trade mainnet currency after the migration.