Token Migration Phase 0 - Support and FAQ


@Kryztoval , it is very odd and I used Trezor One.

I just want to get my AE back. So far, no one has provided me any solutions yet.


There are a few people that sent ae directly to the contract address. However the ae team is trying to figure out if they can offer a solution for that.


I think I have send some tokens to this address by accident.
Only that i am not the only one.
Can you pls check.


Woeeewww, Succesfully migrated my AE tokens through MEW to AIR GAP. I’m so excited about this finally happening.

When will te mainnet be fully usable?
Prepare to cut loose from bitcoin and go to the moon :slight_smile:


Hello is the migration until 25 november or also 25th of november until midnight? It’s not clear to me. Please advice.


This first phase of AE Token Migration will last until November 25, 2018; 23:59:59 CEST


Yes I read that. But to be sure: it means I have all Sunday to transfer? Or all saturday till Sunday 25th?


Yes, @Rioolrat, you have all Sunday to do the migration :slight_smile:



Ok thanks. Maybe it’s an idea to skip the word “until” :wink:


Please do! @aeternity-team @ae-vlad @ae-albena @AE-Mark
I would love to invest more AE but the fact that I lost my AE following the official instructions from the AE team doesn’t give me the confidence to do so.


Good for you. I hope mine will be migrated successfully


Hi, I also made the mistake of sending my tokens to the AE smart contract address :cry:
Is there any update on hopefully getting them back?


@cryptoninja , you can check at this link if migration was done succesfully. . Just insert your AK_ account number and check if your balance is transferred.


That’s totally up to th ae team and how they chose to validate it. AI sincerely hope they find a way.


We have announced our position on users sending their AE directly to the AE token contract in the FAQ. Please have a look at the last question/answer (Tech part).


I had the same problem. Watched the explainer video for the migration and followed the instructions, but at the end the verification showed me an invalid contract as well as 0 tokens on my AE account.


Hey @mauricem, does the problem persist or you were able to resolve it?


Can I contact you somehow directly? I don’t wanna send all my tx data here.


I just sent you a message :wink:


I appreciate that you have pointed out the obvious from the post. I guess you haven’t read all of my comments. I have use that link over and over and over again.

It still shows a BIG FAT ZERO on my AirGap Wallet Balance.