Two "issues" with wallet connection to different wallets using the aepp-sdk-js


for we are currently working on supporting multiple different wallets (base aepp, waellet & superhero wallet) and already teasered this on twitter (

The wallet detection works fine and we are certainly able to connect to different wallets. However there are 2 problems we have and we need help to get that fixed or to understand how we can solve this.

  1. wallet detection mechanism only works 1 time per page reload
    • we need to trigger wallet detection whenever we want to without having to reload the whole page
    • stopping/restarting the search doesn’t solve this
    • is there a way to achieve this at the moment?
  2. there seems to be a problem when a user has both extensions activated (waellet and superhero wallet)
    • for base aepp this isn’t an issue
    • when waellet and superhero wallet is active at the same time and we try to connect to waellet (we definitely use the right connection) our application wants to access superhero wallet
    • can you reproduce that? how can we solve that?

@nduchak.chain or @milenradkov.chain can you help us out?

I need to say that we are using waellet v0.5.8 which isn’t released in the chrome store yet but solves important other issues.


as far as I know thats currently not supported actively

I don’t see the issue with the boilerplate, I am able to search multiple times, e.g. on forced network change, also I am able to keep the same detected wallet unless I reload

while I get that point I think people still use waellet and if so they probably use both (waellet and Superhero). unfortunately this is only an assumption as we don’t have insights about that.

people could move away from waellet and use Superhero wallet instead but then they won’t be able to use the browser extension for testnet as Superhero wallet doesn’t support testnet.

meanwhile it’s now possible to also make use of the base aepp as webwallet. so people could switch from waellet to the base aepp.

so let’s say waellet isn’t supported right now - do you recommend to ignore waellet? what does the community think about that?

=> the problem is IF people use both, waellet and Superhero wallet, they will have problems connecting to waellet when Superhero wallet is active and we want to solve that issue

@icarus can you comment on that? what we talking about here is that we detect the wallets but only connect to one specific wallet from the users choice. we are able to detect network changes for the connected wallet then and also handle that correctly. but if we want to perform another wallet detection this doesn’t work on our side (we need to reload the whole page so that wallets get detected again).

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Exactly, we can connect to a wallet and detect network change. However, if we run the WalletDetector scan again we don’t get this wallets in the callback. The use case is to switch the wallet during runtime. We can also keep a connection till reload.

@philipp.chain Basically, we use the mechanism as described in the boilerplate. So running scan twice without reload we will not get the same wallet twice in the detector callback. Currently, we cache already detected wallets.
Should we always get all available wallets no matter how often we execute scan during runtime? (without reloading)

@philipp.chain or @milenradkov.chain regarding the issue during wallet detection can one of you provide some insights if this is a known issue? Additionally it was mentioned that there is no active development done on the waellet extension is this still valid?

Finally, this will mean that only base Aepp and superhero wallet are currently supported right?

yes, base-aepp is planned to be retired, but still supported for now

I haven’t had time to check it and didn’t experience it myself, can you e.g. provide a minimal project to showcase the error?


I personally don’t like this move. what’s the reason for dropping the base aepp? I like two things most:

  • remote connection
  • hardware wallet (ledger) support

is it planned to provide ledger support also in superhero wallet?

another thing I want to mention here (I think that is correct for both, base aepp and superhero wallet):

  • I don’t like that the name for an address is automatically looked up based on account_pointers (I think in base aepp thats even more confusing if someone has multiple accounts that all have account_pointers)

as far as I know, yes (cc @milenradkov.chain)

good feedback for @davidyuk @dkostin @Niq

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Would the base app address be the same on superhero ledger? Like the coins which base app Had it would reflect on superhero app as well?

once supported, of course

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Thanks for the update
What would be the timeline?

Maybe @milenradkov.chain can answer that