[UPDATE] Week #12: Base æpp >> Context, Short Term Plans, Long Term Vision (coming soon) and Past


March 21, 2019
Base æpp: Production Environment
Base æpp: Staging Environment
Agile Project Tracker
Current Sprint: 36

Code Repository
Current Product Manager/Owner of Base æpp: Stoyan Vasilev
Previous Product Managers/Owners of Base æpp: Ray Jacobs, Emil Wagner

Context and Long Term Plans

Since the launch of the æternity Mainnet (late November 2018) the Base æpp functionality has been gradually ported from working with/on top of the Ethereum network to working with the æternity Blockchain. The progress made on this is reflected in the section “Since the Launch of æternity Mainnet” below.

A short term plan for the next 3-6 sprints (duration subject to change) is provided in the “Short Term Plan.”

A long term vision and plan for the Base æpp is in the works and will be shared soon with the æternity community.

Information related to the work completed prior to the launch of the æternity Mainnet can be found at the end of this document (“Past” and “Other Resources” sections).

Short Term Plan

The short term plan for the Base æpp includes:

  • strengthening the user experience in the default iOS and Android browsers
  • meeting the expectations of crypto users for the minimum functioanality available in a wallet app
  • improving the security of private keys/account storage by releasing native apps for iOS and Android
  • releasing additional functionality which the æternity ecosystem and experience will benefit from, such as Ledger integration, desktop-mobile browser connection, Airgap integration, æpps browsing
  • quicker/easier onboarding

The goals/plan above are being broken out into epics in the Base æpp agile tracker and will be addressed in the 3-6 sprints (duration subject to change). The epics part of this plan are:

  • Epic 453: optimize the UX related to the existent functionality (see next section) in order to provide optimum experience in iOS and Android default browsers
  • clarify to users the security implications related to using the Base æpp as a method for storing large amounts of tokens (as opposed to using a Ledger device or the AirGap Vault app to store the tokens)
  • Epic 306: finish and release the transaction history implementation
  • Epic 454: prepare the Base æpp for submission to the iOS App Store (using Apache Cordova as the native wrapper).
  • Epic 526: Share test builds via Test Flight, submit to the App Store.
  • Epic 456: prepare the Base æpp for submission to the Android Play Market (using Apache Cordova as the native wrapper).
  • Epic 525: Share test builds via Android Console, submit to the Google Play Market.
  • Epic 460: reduce the friction in user onboarding by moving the seed phrase backup to the Settings
  • Epic #326 finish and release the mobile/desktop connection
  • finish and release the ledger integration
  • Epic 464: showcase the æpps browser model by including mini æpps for æternity blockchain features such as Naming Service, Oracles, Proof of Existence, State Channels Demo (final list TBD)

Since the Launch of the æternity Mainnet

The development focus since the launch of the æternity Mainnet has been to deliver the most fundamental wallet functionality, which includes:

  • send and receive tokens
  • transaction history
  • QR code scan (to populate receiver address)
  • network switching (mainnet and testnet)
  • account creation, subaccount creation, account management
  • user onboarding / seed phrase backup

Additionaly, in order to strengthen the æternity ecosystem the Base æpp development (since the æternity mainnet launch) has focused on:

  • desktop-browser connection (for users who prefer to use a desktop computer and developers who plan to write æpps for desktop browsers)
  • Ledger device integration
  • AirGap integration
  • æpps browser (search, bookmark, open æpp)
  • showcasing Drone æpp


Prior to launching the æternity Mainnet, the Base æpp wallet was developed on top of the Ethereum network and was configured to work with the Kovan Testnet.

Before the release of the æternity blockchain the goals for the Base æpp were to provide:

  • send and receive functionality
  • account management
  • æpp browsing
  • settings (change network)
  • backup seed phrase
  • desktop browser integration

In addition to the above the Base æpp was always meant to serve as the account management layer which allows æpps developers to build æpps without having to handle account creation, editing, and removal on their own.

As such layer it is meant to be the trusted source which æpps can turn to for permissions to blockchain accounts.

During the time that the Base æpp was developed on top of the Ethereum network a number of additional æpps were developed to showcase specific use cases as well as to illustrate the interaction between the Base æpps and other æpps. Some of these æpps are Proof of Existence, Voting, Contacts.

Other Resources

æternity Blog: æpps Updates

Your Input

Feel free to comment and ask high level questions in this thread. If you have a question related to specific functionality/epic/issue feel free to start a new thread.

Edit: We split epic 454 into 2 epics: 454 and 526. We split epic 456 into 2 epics: 456 and 525.


what’s the reason that setting up an account in the base æpp is only possible on mobile browsers?

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The reason is that we focused development on mobile first. You can use the desktop app with Ledger Hardware Wallet. Baseline for the decision was to keep the user as safe as possible from loosing funds

  • Airgap 2 device approach
  • Ledger Hardware Wallet
  • Mobile “day to day” use wallet (Base)
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Nice update here! Thanks @stoyan.chain!

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Friday update Week #13 - Product Development Update Call

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spankchain in the bookmarks :rofl::+1:

Can we use the aepp without browser? Can we use it like other apps installed in mobile?

The Base æpp currently works in mobile browsers (Safari, Chrome, etc). We are preparing it for submissions to iOS App Store and Android Play Market. You will be able to download it from the app stores when it’s approved. For now you can use it by going to https://base.aepps.com/

Browsing æpps inside the Base æpp is optional. You can just use the wallet functionality, if you like.

Let us know if the above answers your questions.


Thanks for your reply. Cool.

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