[Update] Week #14 - Waellet - browser wallet extension


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Waellet is a browser extension providing users with the ability to use a browser wallet for the Aeternity blockchain.

At this point, there is a big gap between the development and usability of decentralized applications built on top of Aeternity blockchain.

With this browser wallet, we aim to make a bridge, connecting the two creating a user-friendly and easy to use extension that will allow new users to start using aeternity seamlessly and at the same time ease the development of new applications on top of aeternity.


What’s been done from research and planning perspective so far was researching and exploring other open-source browser wallet solutions, communication with the base aepp team and discussing AEX 2 proposal.

Development-wise we now have a Vue-based prototype of the browser extension, which has generating keypair functinality as well as signing spendtx. Which is not yet publically released as it is yet unsafe and without proper UI.

Short term goals

What will be our focus over the next sprint, we will fix more issues and make the browser wallet available to be used in the testnet.

Our focus now is on implementing and applying better credetials storage and handling - for that we’ve stoped on argon2 lib which is an lightweight browser based library providing cryptographic functions for key derivation and hashing.

Also we’ll be working on improving, polishing and simplifying the ui.

Syncing efforts with base aepp and incorporating some if base aepp’s features into the browser extension is also part of the goals.

Long term goals

See the roadmap.

Change Log

  • extension working with chrome
  • generate wallet
  • sign spend tx


Waelllet ** - Codebase is outdated and the work will be merged in the relevant branch next sprint when ready to.

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All the feedback gathered will be more than valuable. We don’t want to repeat the same mistakes as other browser extension wallets did, and of course, we cannot know everything, so if you have a recommendation, suggestion or something else worth mentioning - please do so :slight_smile:

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