Week #14 - Aeternity Product Development Coordinators Weekly Update

Following Week #13 - Product Development Update Call this weeks update can be watched here:

Written updates are following, the links will be shared here. I will update this post in the next few days with all links to Product Development Updates in Week #14

Browser Wallet: [Update] Week #14 - Waellet - browser wallet extension
Dev-Suite: [Update] Week #14: Latest Dev-Suite Updates
Core Protocol: [Update] Week #14 - Protocol Update
Aexpansions: [Update] Week #14 - æxpansion update
Base Wallet: [Update] Week #14 Base æpp Wallet Update: End of Sprint 36
Hybrid Voting: [Update] Week #14 - Hybrid Voting aepp
Middleware: maintanance
SDKs: Week #14 - SDKs and Middleware updates
Elixir Team:
Doc-Hub: [Update] Week #14 - Latest Documentation-Hub and Redirecting to awesome-aeternity

Starfleet Project Updates:

Approximate time spend on products:

Questions welcome!

Edit: from now on i will combine “Weeks in Aeternity” with the Product Development Weekly Update Call Post.


syntax highlighting for all jetbrain products is great! are you thinking about developing a language server to easily integrate with almost every editor?

the reason I ask is because we thought about developing this.

This is a question for @martingrigorov.chain team. I think its not planned yet. Good idea though!

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Written updates will be shared here

and in individual topics.

Time spent on products over what period of time? :slight_smile:

approximately 2 weeks, not everyone is using tracking tools yet so its not 100% accurate.

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