Week #14 - æxpansion update


The æxpansion development is focused on wallet infrastructure at the moment to ensure that the different pieces of the young aeternity ecosystem fit well together deliver the best user experience.

AEX-2 to describe how walllets and aepps can communicate with each other.

AEX-3 to allow the to import/export secrets from one place to another.


In oder to provide a better understanding we redifened scope of AEX-2.
The goal is to split up transportation layer and message protocol to allow extensions of the message protocol in the future and provide more flixibitly for developers.



We plan to reintroduce functionalities that didn’t make it into AEX-2 in a new æxpansion.


In order to increase the interoperability between different wallets and integrations we published the specification for a new key storage format. Since we assume that wallets might also store other sensitive information, the storage is not limited to keyspairs but allows storage of all kinds secrets that benefit from the migration to another wallet.



Wheras for the migration form one wallet to another or to backup keys the key storage format seems to be the approbriate solution. This shall not be the only way how wallets can connect to each other, if users use several wallets simultaniusly the export/import of keystorage files does not deliver the best user experience for several reasons:

  • Export & Import has to be done manually everytime a new entry is added
  • Every new device storing the same scerets adds new attack vectors

For these kind of use cases one can envision a common protocol to forward singing requests from on wallet to another.
For example:

  • From a daily spending wallet with a medium level of security to a vault
  • Form a browser extension to a mobile wallet
  • Form an wallet embedded in an aepp to any other wallet