Week #13 - Product Development Update Call


Product Developer Ecosystem Update

The goal is to make everyone understand what the aeternity Developer community is working on.

The community elected and trusted us to build a Blockchain and an ecosystem that enables everyone in the world to access and build on top of a decentralised, public, smart contract Blockchain platform.

Free open source software, a public good that anyone can use. Not only building but making it understandable and usable.

We are accountable for our work to the public community. Let us inform them and be transparent with our efforts.

Developer Journey


Areas of Work


Active Development

  • Core Protocol

    • State Channels
    • Virtual Machine
    • Sophia Language
    • Generalised Accounts
    • Stratum
    • Maintanance, Security, Testing
  • Infrastrucutre

    • Middleware
  • For Developers

    • ForgAE Smart Contract Development Enviroment
    • Playground Online IDE and Debugger
    • Documentation Hub
    • SDKs (JS, Python, Elixir, Go)
    • Tutorials, Technical Support Channels
    • Aexpansions, Standards, Sophia Libraries
  • Interfaces

    • Base aepp Wallet and Browser for Applications
    • Browser Wallet Plugins
    • Blockchain Explorer
    • Hardware Wallet Support for Ledger
    • Vault Cold Wallet, Two-Device Approach
  • For Users

    • Telegram Tip-Bot
    • Drone Grafitti aepp
    • Voting aepp
    • State Channel aepp (Gomoku, Coffee, Boilerplates)
    • Name Registration aepp
    • Starfleet Ventures Incubated Projects (YAIR, AMPNET, Satoshipay and many more)
  • Hosting

    • Seed Nodes (Testnet, Mainnet)
    • Development Nodes
    • Middleware
    • Websites
    • Core DNS
    • Base aepp
    • Explorer
    • Vault
    • Goggles
    • Contracts
    • Playground
    • Faucet
    • Token Migration
    • Multiple Open Source Tools
    • SDK CI
    • API Gateways (SDK Mainnet, Testnet)
    • Compiler
    • SCM, Github
    • Core CIs
    • Core Monitoring
    • Docker Registry
    • Multiple aepps (Drone, Paper Wallet etc.)

Maintainers and Product Coordinators


Internal and External Communitycation

  • Public Weeks in Aeternity Link Collection
  • Public Forum Regular Written Product Updates
  • Public Recording of 12pm CET Friday Product Weekly
  • Public Proposals and Forum Discussions about AEX Standards, Voting aepp, Roadmaps, Strategy.
  • Public General Developer Hangout
  • Public Dedicated Feature Hangout (Bonding Curves, State Channels)
  • Public Developer Chat (Gitter, Rocket tba!)
  • Public Work Reporting and Hours

and Public Presentations, Conferences, Workshops, Meetups, Dacade.org, Educational Material, Documentation!


[UPDATE] Week #12: Base æpp >> Context, Short Term Plans, Long Term Vision (coming soon) and Past
Week #14 - Aeternity Product Development Coordinators Weekly Update
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