Week #14 - SDKs and Middleware updates


Here are the updates for the week 14 for the Py/Js/Go SDKs. In general we are setting up to devote more resources to develop the python SDK. The Js SDK is now quite feature complete and the latest release (2.4.0) brings the support for the standalone sophia compiler via http. The release brings also improved support for state channels, adding proof of inclusion, contracts creation and calls and other minor tweaks.
A release for the python sdk will follow soon to add the same support and to bring in some additional minor fixes and improvements.
The Go implementation is slowly catching up and the current version, the 2.0.0 is ready to be used in a production environment for the spend transactions.

We have been working also to implement a POC for the AEX-2 proposal related to wallet/sdk integration.

And for the goodies we have now a vanity account generator in the Go SDK!

Last but not least for the middleware we have been ironing out a few bugs and in progress we have æns name tracking and reverse lookup.

Stay tuned for the next update!

Week #16 - SDKs and Middleware updates
Week #14 - Aeternity Product Development Coordinators Weekly Update

Thank you Andrea! Good work. What is the outlook for the next two weeks (including this one)? I’ve added your update here.