Week #16 - SDKs and Middleware updates

Hello everybody,
here we go with the update for the weeks 15/16 for the Py/Js/Go SDKs and the Middleware (Check out the last update )

The main change, as previously announced, is related to the support for the standalone compiler. The bundled compiler shipped with the node is not anymore supported.

Other than that we have shipped some improvements on the state channels (Js SDK) and the the Go SDK supports now naming.

The middleware has added the support for forward naming resolution and for decoding of contract calldata.

As a side note, we did switch to zenhub for tracking the development on the projects and we are adopting conventional commits to improve communication about changes in the projects.

Looking forward

The next sprint will focus on state channels for the Py SDK and evaluating the impact of generalized accounts on the SDKs.

We plan also to release a new project, a noise library written in rust that has been developed in the middleware context.

What do you mean by forward naming resolution and deconding contract call data?

Does the middleware now store all the name resolution?
Does the decoding happen in a hard coded function?


forward naming resolution just means that we haven’t done reverse resolution just yet :slight_smile: So you can look up all currently registered names using the /names/active endpoint–the others will come Real Soon Now.

Contracts, we use the compiler’s facility to decode contract call data and when we import the contract call transaction we store these data.

Hope this helps,


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