[Update] Week #14 - Hybrid Voting aepp

Over the past week a small team was working on creating a hybrid voting aepp that will work on aeternity mainnet and Ethereum (with AE ERC20 Tokens).

Public Kanban Board: Zenhub | Productivity Management for Software Teams

GitHub Repo: GitHub - aeternity/aepp-hybrid-voting

Update and Small Demo for Aeternity Native in Base aepp (April 3rd)

In the last week we kick off the prototype. We did start work on the vote counting script for aeternity. Also sync with base-aepp and SDK team for dependencies

Update ERC20 Voting Alpha (April 9th)

  • Vue-Based Ethereum-Focused Voting dApp
  • It says “No contracts found” because the voting contract is not deployed on kovan right now, but I am connected to it to test the feature of displaying the user’s ETH balance and Token balance. The features include (in graphical order):
  • Displaying the voting contract’s address
  • Displaying user’s currently selected account in metamask
  • A form field to enter your vote + button to trigger the transaction
  • Displaying your current ETH balance on the network you are connected to
  • Displaying your vote
  • Displaying your ERC20 AE Token balance (in picture it’s taking the kovan network AE balance, we’ve got some test token deployed there)

Design Drafts

More info to follow.


And this is how a voting looks on testnet æternity Explorer


Wow. Super nice! I really can’t wait to try this out.

Will delegation of token wight be possible? For example, may I associate an empty Base aepp account with the account that stores all tokens and then participate in voting through the Base aepp on my mobile device?

No delegation for now. This will follow with the harfork in September.