Week #14 - Base æpp Wallet Update: End of Sprint 36


Sprint 36 Goals

As outlined in our update from week 12, in sprint 36 the Base æpp team set goals to cover the 4 epics:

  • Epic 453: Optimize the UX related to the existent functionality (see next section) in order to provide optimum experience in iOS and Android default browsers
  • Epic 306: Finish and release the transaction history implementation.
  • Epic 454: Prepare Base æpp build for submission to the iOS App Store (using Apache Cordova as the native wrapper).
  • Epic 456: Prepare Base æpp build for submission to the Android Play Market (using Apache Cordova as the native wrapper).

We are delighted to announce that the goals were met! So what does this mean?

  • Well, the transaction history is now implemented, users can see all of their outgoing and incoming transactions, as well as the details around each transaction.
  • We have resolved all the platform-specific issues in iOS and prepared a test build to share via TestFlight.
  • Similarly, we resolved all platform-specific issues in Android and we prepared a test build to share via the Android Console.
  • We resolved a number of layout issues across different devices with various form factors, like the iPhone SE, older Android phones, and so on.

What’s Next? Sprint 37…

In sprint 37 we have two epics related to the iOS App Store and Google Play. These epics cover sharing test builds via TestFlight for iOS and the Android Console for Android, composing the meta information, which the two platform stores require, and submitting the builds for review.

In addition to the above, we will be focusing on the Voting æpp. The goal of this æpp is to allowed people, who have æternity blockchain tokens, æternity ERC20 tokens, and also æternity ERC20 tokens in migration to the æternity blockchain, to signal their vote on any given topic. The votes are weighed by token balance.

In order to make this æpp work with the Base æpp and be accesstible to everyone we need to finish three implementation epics:

  • Epic 530: Base æpp indentity provider working in desktop desktop browser.
  • Epic 532: User is able to sign tx inside voting aepp using Airgap.
  • Epic 531: User is able sign tx inside voting aepp using Ledger.

The completion of the above 3 epics will allow all æternity token holders to part-take in voting!

More News!

Browser Extension Wallet

We are thrilled to collaborate more closely with Milen from hack.bg, who is currently working on a browser extension wallet for æternity blockchain. He will be joining the Base æpp daily standups.


An additional goal during the upcoming sprints is to provide our input to the team working on AEX-2, which focuses on a specification for handling æternity accounts. We would like to facilitate the Base æpp team, Milen, as well as the AirGap to put our minds to help move AEX-2 forward.

Also, to anyone else in the community, who is interested in the wallet/account handling layer of æternity, feel free to join the discussion here or directly in the AEX-2 forum thread.

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