[Update] Week #16 - Latest Dev-Suite Updates


Latest Dev-Suite Updates


What we have focused on and working on lately was gathering all of the developer tools into one to form one powerfull bundle, called the Development Suite or just Dev-Suite. Dev-suite aims to bring the ultimate experience for developers(having all of the tools and services in one place).
We believe that:
It should not be difficult to build a blockchain application (aepps) on aeternity

The last sprint was more or less something like maintenance for our team. We have started to update our smart contracts examples and libraries with the latest updates from the js-sdk, and with more best practices in Sophia smart contracts development. You can find all of them in the Sophia-examples repository (link below). Also, we have started to update all of the development tools that exist currently, like the Playground and ForgAE. The main benefit from this is the standalone compiler. All tools will now use it, and will have the most recent version of the compiler! So watch out for new releases.

The state channel coffee shop application is almost finished, we are just resolving some minor issues and polishing the application. Of course, some testing is needed and we will release the application. Stay tuned!



Our focus for this sprint will be to add new good looking developer console in the playground. Also, we will fix some minor issues, and deploy a new version.


We are currently working on the new release for Forgae which will include some fixes, the usage of the standalone compiler, and we have added the networkId to the history table.


New release of the goggles app will be available with the latest SDK version.

Contracts Aepp

New release with the latest SDK version and the standalone compiler will also be available for the contracts aepp.

Change Log

  • Playground minor issues fixed, standalone compiler integration and latest sdk version;
  • Forgae minor issues fixed, standalone compiler integration and latest sdk version;
  • Goggles update with latest sdk version;
  • Contracts Aepp standalone compiler integration and latest sdk version;

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Week #16 - Product Coordinators Weekly Development Update Call

You can add the VSCode plugin in the relevant links as well: https://github.com/mradkov/vscode-sophia


Guys, sorry for the dumb question, but which SDK is that?


Hey Vlad,

Sorry about the confusion, I mean the javascript SDK.