[DEV-SUITE] Developer Suite and Tools Updates, Requests, Questions and Feedback


Since inception in November 2018, the aeternity community has build multiple useful tools for developers which we currently bundle under the name Developer Suite or in short Dev-Suite.

It should not be difficult to build a blockchain application (aepps) on aeternity

The simple goal of the Dev-Suite participants is: to drive the best possible developer experience (having all tools and services in place), thus driving more developers into the aeternity ecosystem and drive further adoption.

The Dev-Suite is still in it’s childhood but developing fast. The current scope are

Following tools will become part of the Playground aepp:

An very early test-version of the Playground aepp can be found here: https://testing.playground.aepps.com/

The current roadmap can be followed here https://waffle.io/aeternity/aepp-forgae-js and we will followup with updates in this threat. Please feel free to suggest features, report problems and contribute to the different developer tools!

In the upcoming days we will post an bigger update explaining the motivation and next-steps for the Developer Suite here in this Forum.

Happi coding!

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does forgAE work with windows now? (haven’t tested for a while)

as far as I know forgAE can be used to bootstrap a network and uses docker-cli-js to do so. in the past (~ 1month ago) this wasn’t possible when using windows.

the only workaround was to run the local network without using forgAE. it would be cool to have it also working on windows :slight_smile:

[Solved] Problem with forgae node

Hey @marc0olo,

We have made a fix for forgAE regarding windows usage. If you have any issues using it, please open an issue or create a forum post here, and we will support it and fix it.



Thanks Martin, I will check and let you know! :wink:


Update Sneak-Peak Frontend Playground!


Walkthrough (March 2019) from @MartinG through the existing Developer Suite and Tools:

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