[Update] Week #18 - Latest Dev-Suite Updates


Latest Dev-Suite Updates


What we have focused on and working on lately was gathering all of the developer tools into one to form one powerful bundle, called the Development Suite or just Dev-Suite. Dev-suite aims to bring the ultimate experience for developers(having all of the tools and services in one place).
We believe that:
It should not be difficult to build a blockchain application (aepps) on aeternity

Last sprint we continued our efforts to work on updating the smart contracts examples and libraries with the latest updates. You can find all of them in the Sophia-examples repository (link below). We have released a new version of the ForgAE tool - 1.4.0. We have also made some improvement changes on the playground and we will release a new version soon. We have also updated the Sophia plugin for JetBrains products, and it is available for download. Tutorial on how to easily use the Forgae shape vue will be also published really soon, so stay tuned.

The team is making some final testing of the coffee shop state channels demo with the integration of the BaseAepp.



New good looking console was added to the playground, and we have improved the notifications of the application. We are currently working on the new release. The team will also work on adding more tests for the project and fixing some highlighting issues.


New release of the forgae tool is now available in npm. You can download it and upgrade your projects.


New release of the goggles app is available with the latest JS-SDK version.

Contracts Aepp

New release with the latest JS-SDK version and the standalone compiler is available for the contracts aepp.

Change Log

  • Playground js-sdk version updated, new console added, improved notifications;
  • Forgae new version released - 1.4.0;
  • Goggles update with latest js-sdk version;
  • Contracts Aepp standalone compiler integration and latest js-sdk version;
  • Updated the Sophia plugin for JetBrains products;

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Week #18 - Product Coordinators Weekly Development Update
Week #18 - Product Coordinators Weekly Development Update

I am not sure which link the above refers to.


Hey Vlad,

My bad here is the link to the repo : https://github.com/aeternity/aepp-sophia-examples

I will update the forum post.