[Update] Week #28: Latest Dev-Suite Updates

Latest Dev-Suite Updates


What we have focused on and working on lately was gathering all of the developer tools into one to form one powerful bundle, called the Development Suite or just Dev-Suite. Dev-suite aims to bring the ultimate experience for developers(having all of the tools and services in one place).
We believe that:
It should not be difficult to build a blockchain application (aepps) on aeternity

We are proud to announce that we have finally deployed the Coffee Shop State Channels Aepp. The second state channels showcase is available to use with the BaseAepp, a link is provided below. Also, we managed to fix some known issues reported by you, the community, on forgae and Contracts Aepp.


Contracts AEpp

New version was released with some minor fixes, js-sdk version is updated to 4.1.0.


We have improved the wrapper experience, now we benefit more from the ACI functionality of the js-sdk. Fixes were provided for calling functions without a return type, and with input arguments of type map, record and list. Forgae shape Vue is now fixed and deployed a new version, also the tutorial.

Sophia Smart Contracts

We have extended the existent Date&Time library with a lot of new functionalities and updated project.

Change Log

  • Contracts AEpp new version released
  • Forgae bug fixes, and preparing new release
  • Date&Time Library updated

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