Coffee Shop State Channels Showcase App

Coffee Shop State Channels Aepp

Hey Aeternity Lovers,

I’m happy to announce that we, the Dev-Suite team, have deployed a new State Channels showcase application - The Coffee Shop. The application is made to be used with the BaseAepp. When the user deposits some funds in the application, he actually also opens a channel and is an initiator, the application itslef acts like an responder. With every purchase offchain transaction is made for the two parties. You can redeposit funds to the channel. When closing the channel, onchain transaction is made to update the statuses of both parties.

Getting Started


  • You need to have the BaseAepp wallet installed on your mobile device. You can dowload it from here

  • Create account and login into the BaseAepp application

  • Change the network to Testnet from Settings -> Network

  • Get some tesnet funds from this faucet

  • Open the æpps tab of the BaseAepp and paste the applicaation link into the URL field

  • Coffee shop link :

  • Grab yourself some coffee! :smirk:

The application is simple, but we believe that we need more and more state channels applications and showcases!

We hope you like it! :sun_with_face:


P.S.: Please don’t get confused if you try to top up your empty account via as I’ve explained at point 2 and get this warning:

Something went wrong. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
The node is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.
Please try again later.
It shows an error on the very first top up (but the tokens are sent), then it works! An issue regarding to this has been created already and the wrong message is going to be fixed soon :muscle:

GitHub link to the project:


It’s so exciting to see real applications using the state channels! Thank you @MartinG :slight_smile:


I like the concept, nice, simple and to the point. I’m happy to see the added ability to deposit more funds into the channel after it was opened, which was not in the Gomoku aepp.

2 ‘bugs’ I have run into though. First one is minor - the home screen text before the channel is opened is cut off by the url at the top. The second is that sometimes I am not able to purchase a second espresso. I have to hit the order and pay button 5 times for it to bring up the sign transaction page, and then after I sign it my credit is not updated.

I would also like to see a list of all open state channels if possible, because it seems if I exit the aepp without closing the channel, I am not able to regain access to it.

This is a good start, keep it up! I can actually see this concept going to mainnet


What’s up with that ‘x’


Hey @Drugzbymail,

I am glad that you liked it and of course thanks for the feedback It is really valuable! We will work on improving and consider your comments.


This gave me an idea.

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Hey all :slight_smile:

As tradition goes, here is a video review of the coffee shop aepp by Josh:

Thank you @Drugzbymail, highly appreciated :slight_smile:



Thanks Albena, I’m glad my content is appreciated even if I was somewhat critical in this one. I will keep my youtube channel going, I enjoy it

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Hey, any idea why my screen (Android) stays blank. It happens with all aepps. Not only with the State Channel Coffee aepp.

Try to open the base aepp in Chrome, then open developer tools f12. Next, toggle the device toolbar Ctrl + Shift + M to switch to simulating a mobile device. See if it works there and then you at least know its something funky with your phone.

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Tried it out and the screen changed to mobile format but the website remained the same with scrollbars added to both sides. I am guessing the layouts don’t changed based on the screen size but based on the device (android vs desktop computer OS)

it -should- work, don’t forget to refresh the page when you have it in mobile mode…

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