Showcase aepp package?

Looking at the state channel showcase aepps (Gomoku and Coffee Shop), I was thinking that it would be nice if there’s a “showcase package” of aepps demonstrating an AE smart contract and oracle as well, in a similar manner.

Such a “showcase aepp package” would make it very easy for new users to understand the core features of the aeternity protocol (smart contracts, oracles, state channels) and see first-hand how they function.

It would be best to have this added to the Base aepp browser. After all, that’s pretty much the starting point for almost all users and what better way to introduce them to aeternity than showing core functionalities? Thoughts?

A showcase app with an oracle could be something as simple as requesting a weather forecast using an OpenWeather API, for example.


Yes, absolutely. We’re still looking for a nice oracle aepp from the community and we should definetly have one little aepp for

  • state channels
  • generalised accounts
  • oracles
  • naming system

Some of them are already around. If you have some good ideas (how such an example aepp could look like and what it should do) please share it here. I’m pretty sure some dev’s will pick it up. @r0b0t0 for example just recently integrated tokens into the browser Waellet!


As mentioned above, something fairly simple:

Bridge an oracle and a weather API and distribute test token payments depending on a pre-defined weather category. A small reward for clear skies, a bigger for rain, an even bigger for thunderstorms, for example. AENS could be used to name accounts after specific geographic locations and these accounts will receive the payments; while state channels could be deployed in case of hailstorms or other rare events.

Alternatively, a sports betting app would also be quite illustrative:

  1. Use AENS to attach all clubs in the group stage of, say, the Champions League, to a specific address;
  2. Users employ state channels to place their bets;
  3. Oracles determine the result of a game;
  4. State channels are used for payouts.

Maybe @zd_sat1 you can do something like this?

I think it will be nice demo as well. And I’m sure it will be very useful for the community, so you will receive tips for the effort (from my side for sure). :slight_smile:

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Tips from me too :slight_smile:

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we will provide a showcase aepp for the java sdk and host it as soon as we finished it. but it takes time for us to integrate all the features. a state channel example will probably be the last use case we will be able to provide.

you can follow the progress here: