[Update] Week #46: Latest Dev-Suite Updates

Latest Dev-Suite Updates


What we have focused on and working on lately was gathering all of the developer tools into one to form one powerful bundle, called the Development Suite or just Dev-Suite. Dev-suite aims to bring the ultimate experience for developers(having all of the tools and services in one place).
We believe that:
It should not be difficult to build a blockchain application (aepps) on aeternity

Our main focus still remains on the token migration. We suffered some issues which I will be listing below, but thanks to our great community, which led us in the right direction straight away we manage to fix them rapidly. Apart from the migration, we carried on with the further enhancement of the Contracts AEpp, Playground, AEproject, and the Example contracts.



We updated the AEproject shapes to the latest version of aepp-sdk and node so that they could be used over Lima.
Another feature we have been cooking over this period was to stop the node from everywhere. (Feature request described into more details in our Github issue log here) It was indeed necessary to make this command more responsive, and the time has come :slightly_smiling_face:
Another tweak we have been working on was issue opened by our Github issue log as well (more information here). And it’s in relation to support default libraries of Sophia language.
Our team has put a lot of effort into the JetBrains plugin, so we would have better auto-complete and underlining of code that is written by the developer and error check. This is work in progress at the moment of writing.
Also, another major changes for the node are in front of us any time soon.
Stay tuned!


Following the previous update now we have updated our monaco-editor plugin and it is live. It now supports auto-complete for the Sophia keywords, as well as for functions, entrypoints, and the contractName itself. We included auto-closing brackets to the update and changed some coloring for better visibility.

Contracts AEpp

We released a new version of the Contracts AEpp. We have slightly improved the example contract and removed deprecated fields from the UI.

Token Migration

We have to admit last week started rough for the team while a couple of users complained they could not migrate their tokens while using the ledger. Thanks to their quick responses in the forum we quickly found what the problem was and with the deployment of a new version everything went back to normal.
We removed some misleading eth messages on some screens in the token migration.
We have also improved the final screen of the migration, so the users would have a better understanding by phases what they have migrated, when and under what tx hash. We are LIVE, so feel free to share your opinion/suggestions with us.

**Note **: If you still have some trouble migrating your tokens, check this video out.

Change Log

  • Aeproject version
    • Updated AEproject shapes with the latest versions of node and aepp-sdk.
    • Node and compiler can be started separately
    • You now will have the availability to stop the node from everywhere.
  • Playground new version released
    • Updated monaco editor
  • Contracts Aepp new version released
    • Example contract slightly improved
    • Improved UI

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Thanks for the great update, Hristiyan and the rest of the team! Easy to understand :slight_smile: And thanks for providing all the links at the end as well! Makes our lives much easier hehe