[Update] Week #48 - Governance Aepp

Hello all,

after our Governance Aepp Launch, two weeks ago I wanted to give an update on work we did the last 2 weeks.


Next Steps

  • We will gather feedback on the current installation of the governance aepp software and eventually make adjustments that are required.
  • We continue to work on ledger support.
  • Smaller features are still in our development pipeline to optimize the user experience.
  • We will post developer documentation to integrate the governance aepp in other wallets.

Try it out!

Open https://governance.aeternity.com/ in your base-aepp to participate in polls or create new ones. Opening the site outside base-aepp will show a read-only version of the governance aepp.

Any feedback, wishes and other comments are always welcome!
Thank you and have fun!