[Update] Week #50 - Governance Aepp

Hello all,

after last update regarding the Governance Aepp [Update] Week #48 - Governance Aepp two weeks ago I wanted to give an update on work we did the last 2 weeks.


  • Social Media Sharing Tags, if you share the governance aepp on social media a nice preview will be shown.
  • Poll Contract Byte Code verification, meaning, we now try to verify the each poll contract added to the registry and determine if they used our contract or another one. Using another one or writing your own poll contract is not bad but could be abused since the aepp calls predefined functions. This happens with no funds of course but the votes in this contract could be manipulated. So we wanted to have a system in place that shows users if the contract is the one we provided where the votes can not be easily forged.
  • Various optimizations and small fixes

Next Steps

  • We will gather feedback on the current installation of the governance aepp software and eventually make adjustments that are required.
  • We continue to work on ledger support.
  • Smaller features are still in our development pipeline to optimize the user experience.
  • We will post developer documentation to integrate the governance aepp in other wallets.

Try it out!

Open https://governance.aeternity.com/ in your base-aepp to participate in polls or create new ones. Opening the site outside base-aepp will show a read-only version of the governance aepp.

Any feedback, wishes and other comments are always welcome!
Thank you and have fun!