Week #18 - SDK and Middleware Update


Update from the SDK and Middleware teams:

Python SDK
Support for State Channels begun
Functions implemented to format numbers in a human-readable way for the command-line interface
One can now transfer a proportion of one’s balance in both SDK and CLI

For the next sprint, the focus will be documentation and continuing State Channel development

Oracle support begun

For the next sprint, focus will be stabilisation of Oracles, and the naming system (AENS).

State Channel stability has been improved, as has support for the ACI (external) compiler.
For the next sprint the focus will be preparing for the next hard fork, and Generalised Accounts.

We’ve begun to prepare a high-performance hosting environment which will also improve availability
Some errors in importing have been fixed, and libraries updated
CORS now works even with Origin: null which was an issue
Testing is now a little better, though still not great

Focus next sprint is the noise library, and indexing Oracle queries and responses

by @jsnewby

Week #18 - Product Coordinators Weekly Development Update