Week #22 - SDKs and MDW updates

Here the updates for the last sprint.

The testnet environment has been updated to Fortuna release where also the hard fork has been triggered.
Both Py and Js SDKs were updated in time and they are supporting the node version range >=2.3.0 and < 4.0.0.

Most of the work has been done to make the transition to the new major release of the node and the HF as easy and straightforward as possible.

For the Go SDK we have the latest release supporting the Minerva (2.x) series and we are working on the new version that will support the Fortuna series.

For the Elixir SDK we have:

  • Chain High Level Module finished providing easy access to chain data, e.g. get blocks
  • Added access to contract call events to contracts module
  • Oracle High Level Module finished
  • Proposed simpler endpoints for naming system to make use of elixir piping

Regarding the MDW we released v0.5.0 that includes a completely rewritten subscription system that scales more gracefully and the middleware allows tu subscribe to any aeternity object types.

On the following sprint (S41) on the SDKs side (Py, Js, Go), beside continuing improving the available functionalities, we’ll be working on a new releases that will introduce support for generalized accounts and we’ll dropping support for Minerva series (2.x).

For the Elixir SDK the next steps will be to get compatible to 3.0.x Fortuna, then create a first release to hex.

We’ll be also focus on improve the documentation for all the SDKs.

For the MDW we will be shipping an improved database migrations support that would make it easy to start a new instance or upgrade from a previous release.

As for a more general roadmap, it is planned to support the MDW integration directly from the SDKs.

Stay tuned for next updates!