Week #36 - Governance Aepp Update

Hello all,

after we introduced the work on our Governance Aepp at Governance Polling System Aepp Introduction and Aeternity Governance Aepp Public Testing. We wanted to give another update on progress of work.

Participate in Public Testing

Please continue in out public testing session and give feedback in this thread. Continuous updates will be pushed to the testing aepp once developed.

  • open your base-aepp (version >= 0.9.0) and select testnet in the network settings
  • open governance.aeternity.com in the aepps tab of base-aepp
  • try it out and give feedback here

Development Progress

  • introduced reddit-style poll ordering algorithm, to show most relevant polls on top. Criteria for this is e.g. if the poll closes soon, received high stake in voting or many votes or delegations. This is also important to order spam posts behind without censoring the content.
  • other ordering mechanisms for polls on user choice, e.g. order by soonest closing, highest stake, newest created or already closed polls.
  • in each poll show if a delegatee or subdelegatee voted with the power of your stake, discover and manage what impact your stake has in different polls
  • implemented many design updates
  • optimize caching in server for a responsive system with the maximum information shown
  • many usability fixes, e.g. broken check for available wallet, incorrect ordering, always showing up-to-date data, making the aepp work better without available server

Next Steps

  • finish design details
  • add scripts to easily verify poll results
  • update deployment to be more stable
  • improve documentation
  • standardize polling and voting interfaces

Current Features

  • create polls with title, description, options and closing height
  • delegate voting stake to another account
  • vote in any open, voting overwrites delegation on poll basis
  • discover delegations, votes and polls of other accounts
  • discover stake aggregation for any single poll
  • trustless poll calculation, relying only on a node and the smart contract provided data
  • powerful live data provided by server
  • order polls by importance
  • revoke votes and delegations at any time, not affecting closed polls
  • awesome UI

There are still a few points open for discussion, you can track the development progress in more detail in the github issues https://github.com/aeternity/aepp-governance/issues or checkout our sourcecode directly https://github.com/aeternity/aepp-governance.

Thank you!