[weidex] JellySwap supports AE-ETH cross-chain atomic swaps on the mainnet

Hey AE community, we are happy to announce our new product JellySwap.
In 1 hour you will be able to swap AE for ETH in fully decentralized manner :wink:

We will appreciate your feedback:


Great progress… But to be of any practical use… Needs to be an ae usdt pair. Who the hell wants to swap ae for eth?


Hah, we can add more pairs, if the community is active and we see some demand.

AE-BTC, AE-DAI could be done in a month.


I do, ETH to AE constantly :slight_smile: and USDT… I’m not touching that :rofl: DAI mayhaps

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USDT is evil… :grinning:

Congratulations @tima_t and the whole Jelly team! Great job!

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Thanks, Albena :wink:

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There are only 400AE left in the funding pool, we need more. @tima_t


In fact, we have 1200 AE, but we need more for sure.

You can check the available pool balances here: https://spacejelly.network/listener/provider/info

It will be a website with visual charts about the liquidity pool size and exchange rate soon :wink:

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Eth is not enough.

How does your withdrawal failed??

Have you used metamask and waellet?

I can see it. now your funds are locked in the smart contract, but you will be able to refund them in 24 hours, you cannot lose any funds, therefore you do not have to worry about this.

Still I am interested how does this happen?

After you clicked swap, did you have a button click to withdraw?
And did you clicked it one hour after the withdraw( you have limited time to withdraw)?

Here is the ETH transaction

There is more than enough ETH in JellySwap - it is like 16 ETH

Yes, I used Metamask and Waellet for trading. When I clicked the button click to withdraw, it prompts an error in withdraw.

Ok, can you give me some more info about the error.

We have never had something like this.

The version of your metamask and waellet will help as well.

If you click it now - it will be error.

If you have clicked it 1 hour after the swap it should have been active and working.

The funds are locked for 1 hour, otherwise the takers can try to expose the system.

Any USD stable coin, not necessarily tether

We will add DAI these days for the DAI-BTC pair.

We can organise a voting in the AE community about ‘Which should be the next AE pair’

  1. AE- BTC
  2. AE-DAI
  3. AE-USDC
  4. Other

Can you allow smaller amounts than 0.1 ETH?

Yes, we can but it is not sustainable for the liquidity provider.

1 If you want to swap like AE for 1-2 dollars, then you and liquidity provider are paying tx fee on ETH + tx fee on AE.

2 liquidity provider cannot rebalance his portfolio - orders less than 4-5 dollars are not allowed in many exchanges

3 I do not see a reason for anyone to execute such swaps.

Overall it can be done easily, but it is not effective neither for LP nor for takers.

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for sure :smiley:


Thank you, good answer, makes sense.

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