WeTrue almost ready to go - WeTrue即将起航

WeTrue almost ready to go

Since Lima activated successfully at block height 161150 on October 30th 2019, the Aeternity blockchain got perfect and ran steadily. So far, the star fleet project has held for three times, and the fourth phase is in running systematically,various excellent applications based on Aeternity blockchain had been emerging, excellent works in this field emerged from Chinese community,such as AEknow and AEChina, Aeasy and Aewallet.

AEknow shows a series of data of Aeternity blockchain (such as block, trading, smart contract, mining, etc.) as well as statistics of Aens, Oracles, Wealth 500, etc,and provides API interface as well, AEknow provides detailed data support and great convenience for Aeternity users, miners, developers, exchanges, etc.

Another website named AEChina created by LiuShao, collecting Aeternity news, Aepps exhibition, development tutorials, related original works and other information. AEChina also opened green channel for Aepps exhibition, thus Aepps can be published on AEChina by developers and users. AEChina provides first-hand Aeternity information for users, also provides a good exhibition platform for excellent Aepps.

Godfather said,The chinese community is the largest and has already developed several cool things like Aeknow and aechina, also the first mining pools were Chinese.No one can deny that the Chinese community of Aeternity is showing its potential in application development and influence in the Aeternity community.

Unfortunately, so far, Chinese community has not had an app for members and users based on Aeternity blockchain.

What does this phenomenon mean?

This phenomenon means that no matter how good the technology and function of Aeternity, it is just a castle in the air for the Chinese market. No matter how good the Aeternity blockchain is, it’s just a mirage for the average Chinese citizens.

Fortunately, the emergence of WeTrue will completely reverse this embarrassing situation.

WeTrue is a decentralized broadcast social Aepp which based on blockchain technology, through sharing, dissemination and acquisition relationship information of users , and sharing short real-time message through attention mechanism. User account generation, login, posting, comment, reward and other behaviors are completely separated from the centralized mode. Users can access with various mobile terminals such as PC and mobile phone, realizing instant sharing and communication of information in the form of text, pictures and etc. It will make the distance between people infinitely shorter and within reach.

All the members of WeTrue come from Chinese Aeternity community: early promoters LiuShao (creator of AEChina), CrazyKai (volunteer translator), GuanTou (host of super topics of Aeternity in Sina Weibo) and several volunteers from Chinese Aeternity community. Throughout, every member of our team has been promoting Aeternity with our passion,and we are always walking on the road of Aeternity.

WeTrue will be the first social Aepp based on Aeternity blockchain developed by Chinese community and the first social Aepp launch by Chinese community. Through WeTrue more developers in the Chinese community can see the advantages of small size, flexibility and infinite possibilities of Aeternity blockchain.

WeTrue will be the first Aepp developed directly for ordinary people in the Chinese community. And it is the first time for the Chinese community to bring the Aeternity blockchain technology into the daily life of ordinary people, connecting the real world data with the blockchain technology seamlessly.

WeTrue make us within reach!

There are no thresholds and boundaries here. You can be a developer, a blockchain aficionado, or even an ordinary person who has nothing to do with blockchain.

There is no risk and burden here. You don’t have to worry about your data being tampered with, deleted, or your assets getting lost.

We can happily share our own life, our own journey, our own feelings and thoughts, whether in words or photos.

We are also free to share our views on a subject, whether professional or amateur.

We can also easily find like-minded friends and conduct thumb up and evaluation interaction. In the case of excellence ideas, you can also reward the authors.

We meet each other due to Aeternity,we know each other due to WeTrue.

Along the way, we’ve pushed WeTrue forward with all our effort, overcoming one technical challenge after another, to our exciting that WeTrue is now more than 90% developed.

Unexpectedly, at the end development phase of WeTrue, we have to slow down or even stop. At present, the obstacles to our progress are not technical problems, but expenditures for server rental, marketing and other projects. Winter of cryptocurrency market already make us stretched, the outbreak of corona virus add insult to injury.To our pity, the star fleet never come to China. Our team with nothing but enthusiasm and faith now. We hope the Aeternity team can give us a economic assistance to let WeTouch move forward. Please keep the spark of Chinese community, a single spark can start a prairie fire.



AEknow,展示了Aeternity主链的各类数据(如出块、交易、智能合约、挖矿等)以及Aens、Oracles、Wealth 500等各类统计数据,并提供了API接口,为Aeternity用户、矿工、开发者、交易所等提供了详尽的数据支撑和极大的使用便利。






















Hard to start a business。
Let us encourage each other in our endeavo。

wetouch, touch everyone. Carry on!


Wetouch, touch everywhere!

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The directions of Wetouch, Chaet and Superhero should be staggered from each other, and should not compete on the same track to reduce unnecessary waste of resources. Like Weibo, WeChat, and Toutiao in the traditional Internet, each of them focuses on one direction.

We change WeTouch to WeTrue because WeTouch has been named by several existing apps and companies.


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WeTrue is not the same as Chaet and Superhero, they don’t have too many intersections. The only intersection is the use of aeternity blockchain



It couldn’t be better

你是电 你是光
我只爱你 You are my super star (AE)。---------S.H.E

This is who AE should be Startfleeting!!!

Wow, it looks great. Maybe you guys can set a single donate page to get support from the community. Looking forward to try , if it has mobile version that will be more attractive.

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@10000.chain 仅凭一个AEPP,谈用户数量,难!

Keep moving forward :muscle: