Why is it that AE was made incompatible with basically every standard wallet?

As far as i can tell its basically impossible to hold AE in any standard wallet or on any somewhat standard or widely used exchange. Although some wallets seem to recognize that the currency actually exists they don’t have a compatible address with AE’s weird wallet system to actually move the currency into them. Why would anyone want to hold a currency thats almost impossible to trade into anther one. So far the cheapest way i have found to convert the currency and put it into a regular wallet is using gate.io depositing the currency their and converting it to Ethereum seems to be possible for the low fee of 185$ USD.

i guess i wasted a few days mining a useless currency but i though i would ask here if its possible to somehow convert this currency so i can store in a normal wallet with the other cryptocurrency’s i have mined? As for why i dont want the currency stored in the AE wallet i would point to the fact that it spends 90%+ of its time being offline and is an absolute pain compared to any other wallet i have ever used.

Even atomic wallet which is listed as a supported wallet type wont even accept transfers of AE into it.

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Trust wallet


A wallet is a good start was able to add multiple wallets to it including AE and it seems to be stable at least. Is there any exchange you can recommend where AE is tradeable inside the app?

Hey @Faust, Atomic Wallet can receive AE transactions normally, but exchange functionality is currently disabled. Did you try if in-app exchanges on the Trust Wallet app work?

Also when you talk of a “weird” wallet system, I suppose you’re used to transferring tokens on the Ethereum network and having all tokens in the same wallet?

And conversion fees are obviously relative to the amount you’re converting, this will be the same on any other exchanges as well. Though $185 transaction fee on gate.io really sounds like too much; you might need to revise that one more time.

Most wallets accept 4 types of tokens Ethereum is on example of a token it looks like AE used to be a type of Ethereum token and then generally dozens or hundreds of coins as well. the problem i had with gate.io is i could exchange for ethereum but to remove it from that wallet to my offline one it costs 0.01 eth which is about 185$ USD looks like jelly swap is one option but it has no liquidity in the market but at least i can setup on there program once i figure it out to offer some liquidly to the AE market.

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what is

standard wallet


There are lots of standard wallets. Atomic wallet, coinomi, coinbase and many many more. Most standard/common wallets support dozens to hundreds of coins/tokens however AE is setup in a very weird way so its only supported by its own wallet basically. Trust wallet is the only example of a multi-coin wallet that can hold AE that i have found as suggested by anther user in this thread. The base AE wallet is crap it seems to be able to connect to a node and work properly less than 10% of the time i try and use it not to mention it only stores one currency.

not many popular wallet support AE blockchain yet. Anyway have u try airgap?

Honestly i have given up on the currency; luckily i only mined a few hundred AE before realizing that there is no way to exchange it or swap it for any other currency as all exchanges have either disabled or completely removed the currency from their exchange back in January with seemingly no attempt to resolve the issue by the devs or community its kind of hard to understand how anyone is on these forums.

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All security issues have been dealt with together with exchanges over two months ago as you can read here:



I can understand your frustration with the exchanges and not having a one-fits-all solution for the cryptocurrencies that you mine. Though it is obvious that your last comments are FUD and are built on hardly any research, please investigate more before making such unsubstantial claims. There are lots of projects in development if you would simply check any of æternity’s news feeds (Twitter, Reddit, Medium, or simply the news & announcements category on this forum). If you have feedback based on facts, we can discuss it, but please try to stick to the forum community guidelines.

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You are completely incorrect. AE lists the following exchanges; okex, huobi, gate.io, changelly, jelly swap, bcbitcoin and coinmarketcap to find more.

okex and huobi have disabled the AE currency due to security issues you can no longer transfer in or out AE. upon talking to customer support at gate.io they confirmed that although AE on the exchange can be traded transfer AE into gate.io is not possible due to security issues with AE currency. changelly has removed the AE currency completely as has bcbitcoin; changejelly will allow exchanges of AE as long as they are in excess of 1500 tokens and less than 83 tokens. i also found one on the coinmarketcap that was supposed to support trading of AE but upon attempting to transfer in tokens was told it was disabled due to security reasons. Maybe the security issues have been dealt with but no one has bothered to tell the exchanges in the 2 months since its allegedly been fixed.

I literally signed up for and verified accounts on all of those exchanges in an attempt to find out if the currency was still usable or not as far as my substantial research seems to suggest AE is currently not a tradable currency on any exchange and hasn’t been so for months. Perhaps you disagree with my assessment but a currency that cannot be used as a currency is kind of pointless imho.

EDIT: To be clear i am not trying to pick a fight just let other would be miners like myself know not to mine this currency if they want to be able to sell or exchange it with literally any other currency.


Hi Faust!! I understand your frustration even if i do not suffer it as i am a hodler /accumulator, but when it comes to pay mining bills it is of course different. the past 51 % attacks have resulted in exchanges overreacting by freezing deposits and withdrawals…however since the attacks, the core dev team has done 10 node releases that make the network safer and prevent from reorgs of more than 100 blocks , so asking for let us say 300 confirmations is more than enough.We are in contact with current exchanges so operations can be resumed ASAP and will keep the community updated as soon as there are relevant news, also working in onboarding new exchanges. Hope the situation fixes soon and you can mine aeternity again and recommend to fellow miners, as mining aeternity is now more than double profitable than mining ETH, according to minerstats.com


ZB is an

exchange trading ae/btc pair

There is no way to deposit in AE on this exchange

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@Faust I do not understand one thing though, according to Coinmarketcap volume in the last 24 hours was 20,672,129 $. So currency should be able to trade somewhere or where would Coinmarketcap get that volume? :thinking:

At least some exchanges should be working :thinking: From the detailed data I see that most traded pairs should be AE/KRW on Bithumb, AE/USDT on Huobi Global, AE/USDT on OKEx, AE/USDT on Hotcoin Global, AE/BTC on TOKOK and AE/USDT on EXX. All mentioned having traffic of at least 1,500,000 $ :thinking:


Maybe fake volume like most exchanges

In Gate.io you can swap AE for USDT then u can withdraw your USDT for free (no fee) using the Tron (TRC20) :slight_smile: