Aeternity ERC token migration

Hi All, I had some aeternity tokens in my etherum wallet, and…well…a number of mainnet migration phases have gone by. Does someone know how to migrate them to the mainnet? Would really appreciate the help!

Hi there, please check this :

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I have the same issue like outis112358

@genievot can you help us with this? also @hanssv.chain @milenradkov.chain @philipp.chain do you know if this process is ok to follow still?

sure, should be fine

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please checkout
Here i have the front end running live.

I am also running backend from my okteto pods and postgres as db

what required to do now is:

  • Run the listener to listen to chain events to initiate AE contract
  • Add the script to db (about the balance of each user to migrate)
  • We still need to deploy migration contract to generate AE’s from a new account, I will try to do it sooner.

Around 40% is done (as above progress)

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Thanks for your support @genievot but we should first validate what’s really needed to be done. I don’t think that the contract has to be updated. @nikitafuchs.chain @philipp.chain please give us some direction here. If there is anything to be updated on to make it online available so @genievot can work on it.

Then i guess i misunderstood the secret part here. Please also explain what to pass in this variable. I now assume that it should be wallet address to sign ae migration contract transactions on event captures on eth mainnet ?

no its just any account that covers for transaction fees

there are no secrets needed for technical migration

Ok, thanks @philipp.chain I will try to finish it this weekend.

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@philipp.chain @ae-omar where to get backup file with hash,ether_address,balance,ae_address etc.

the database provided here only have 2 columns (Eth_address, balance) so it won’t work.
Any suggestions?

You don’t need to get backup. The migration smart contract keeps record if you’ve already claimed (eth address).

Hello Milenradkov,

The frontend needs to read balance (read-only input component) from the database served by the backend
So it requires a soft read on the balance of users, etc. to complete operation from the frontend, Until unless I am following the incorrect path to make it live.

Hi All,

I was wondering if there has been any further development on facilitating the migration?



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Good day @outis112358


ca’t migrate my tokens

no help frim support

can you please ask your question only in one thread? there is no reason to repeat your problem in various threads.