Aeternity Graffiti Aepp Public Testing

Hello all!

As introduced in a prior forum post, we want to relaunch the Graffiti Aepp for the Aeternity Universe Conference.

Previous Intro: Aeternity Decentralized Graffiti Aepp

Current Status

We did optimize the aepp for an online-only showcase and adjusted it to be compatible to the latest changes in the aeternity ecosystem. You can always follow our development in the GitHub Repository

Public Testing

We want to start a public testing phase of the aepp. Anyone will be able to use our current version freely on the aeternity testnet. Once you open the aepp for the first time you will receive some testnet tokens automatically.

To start open the base-aepp and eventually initialize the wallet. Afterwards you can go in the Settings and set Network to Testnet right at the top.

Go to the æpps tab and type to get started.

Just start exploring and tell us what you like and dislike! All feedback is appreciated, please use this forum thread for all questions you have on this!


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I’m having issues with all aeternity applications right now as my screen just stays blank. I tested it on a different device of a friend and it worked well. How can I debug it and find the reason for this? Can it be my account?


@emin did you try it with the progressive web app version of base-aepp or with the native one? There is a known issue using the native one.


I’ve figured it out. Or a few things.

  1. my standard browser on android is Brave browser. If i use the progressive web app (out of brave) the browsers build in ad/script blocker prevents me from opening any aepps inside the progressive web aepp. We should tell people that they need to use Chrome or Safari (or Firefox) i guess.
  2. the android base app also uses brave in the background (as its my standard android browser) this is the reason why also the native android app doesn’t open app urls

Now that i figured this out i was able to switch my browser and i found two UX issues

A) If i place an artwork on the canvas and i want to move the art piece to a different place, i’ve to drag it. The problem is, whenever i drag it i also reload the whole page / base aepp (like you do it with classic websites, dragging the page down, reloads the page) i will then logged out and have to re-login again. This needs a solution :slight_smile:

B) When i place the art work and start a bid, i have no idea what the bid is for, how high it should be and how my changes change when i change the bid. The bid right now doesn’t explain a lot and i rather leave it completely out or have some kind of explanation or indicator what that bid will actually be good for.

Thats it! Thanks, the aepp works fantastic otherwise!

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Is there a public website “in the old internet” where you can see the current canvas and its content ‘live’ ?

This one

And is it possible to design the aepp icon?

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Thank you for all the feedback @emin, lets keep the feedback here about the graffiti aepp and handle feedback to the base-aepp somwhere else.

we know this needs a little care when positioning smaller images, we did already investigate this and didn’t find a suitable solution fast, we will investigate further.

What do you feel is missing in the current explaination we have? Maybe you can provide some better text.

Yes, there is 2 versions: (movable, zoomable but currently blurry due to some bug) (static, auto refreshing, svg quality, for displaying on a big screen)

not as far as I know, maybe @stoyan_ae can investigate


I had a lot of fun trying it. Thank you, Philipp!
Let’s think also of another time indicator maybe, since the output has changed from a drone to digital?


This aepp is working mostly good for me. When i select a position for my graffiti it is a blank slate, it would be nice to see what is already there because after I place my bid it looks like I graffiti’d over something that was already there.

Also every now and then a loading screen comes up saying " looking for a wallet, check for pop ups". After 30 seconds it goes back to the aepp and works fine. No pop ups show. I am on android browser base aepp.

How long does each slot last? Will the old slots be browse-able?


I am not sure if we can have a custom icon per subdomain ( instead of domain ( only. I will check on this and post the verdict here.


This is so much fun !


Hey @Drugzbymail, when choosing the slot is says how long it will stay open for, while it is open, higher paying bids can overwrite lower paying ones if slot capacity is reached. Once the slot is closed the final bids will stay persisted in the final artwork.

All slots data will be browsable, currently the only frontend is our debug output at

Hello! When I prepare my art and place it on the canvas, I go to a loading screen that never loads:

I cannot go further than that. I am using the native Base aepp.

Thanks @ae-vlad did you try using the progressive web app? Also does the account you use show balance on testnet?

Version 0.88 should be used.

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Will try out the progressive app. I have 5 AE tokens on testnet for that account. @Aeternity-9527, yes, my version is 0.8.6, I am updating now and will let you know the result.

I wonder why it doesn’t work with the native app. Do you use android?

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Here are some screenshots of my walkthrough of the Graffiti æpp:

It’s a wonderful idea to get creative together and compete just like in real-world graffiti! Just one little quick fix: There are two buttons covering each other in the last screen, that should be fixed easily I think


Awesome art in Graffiti æpp


@emin @ae-vlad as from the latest 0.8.9 version of the native base aepp it should also work there


This looks to me as the 4 AE are being spent per minute. It is kind of clear on second glance, but at first it is confusing IMO.

Also, why does it take 62 minutes to paint? Is it because of the transaction count required?